Monday, April 18, 2011

33 Weeks

Tomorrow I'll catch up on what happened over the weekend....but for now it just about today.  I cleaned a little bit this morning.  We watched some cartoons.  We were watching the Disney channel, and the movie Cars came on.  I have no idea why, but Luke is just terrified of that movie.  As soon as he realized that it was coming on instead of his beloved Chuggington, he got all panicked and pleaded "Turn off Momma!  Turn off Momma!  Turn it off!"  So we switched over to PBS.  Isn't that funny?  This afternoon we played in the back yard.  I got out his black truck.

"It's Wuke's back twuck!"

And he peeped at the neighbor washing his car next door.  I've got one Nosey Nelly on my hands. And can you see what he's wearing?  When he wanted to go outside I told him he could go out in bare feet, but he insisted on shoes and socks.  Actually, he insisted on black shoes and RED socks.  So yes, he's wearing black and red argyle socks with an orange and white striped polo.  Hey, at least we stayed in the back yard.

How Far Along: 33 weeks- 49 days left

Size of baby: the weight of a pineapple.....4 lbs and 17+ inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss: No clue.  But I've kinda lost my appetite lately, and I've got my doctors appointment on Friday, so I'll let you know next week!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here at the beginning of the summer!

Movement: Same ole same ole.  She really likes to stick her bum out where my belly button is, so it makes for a nice point on this big belly some times.  We'll play little games where I poke her and she pokes back.

Sleep: Blah.  If there is a reason I'm ready to not be pregnant any more, it would be this one.

What I miss: Wearing whatever I want. Solid, uninterrupted sleep. Wine.

Cravings: None this week.  Like I said, I've kinda had a slump in the food area.

Symptoms: Nothing new this week. Still the popping, the pain in my hips and knees when I walk. Exhaustion. Feeling like a giant hippo.

Best Moment this week: When Luke told me he was happy this week.  :)  Also, tonight after I read him his nightly story, Luke wanted to rock.  So I took him into Evan's room and we sat and rocked for a long time.  It's hard for him to get comfortable in my shrinking lap, but he snuggled up to my chest as best as he could.  He hasn't done that in a very long time.

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Lucy Marie said...

That is so weird (and funny) that he's scared of Cars. tehehe.