Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today was Easter.  The day my Savior conquered the grave.  What an amazing thing to be thankful for.  It was also a day for candy.  I'm positive my boy was thankful for that.  Ha!  This morning after I got him dressed, Luke got to see his Easter basket.  I was thoroughly disappointed that he really wanted no part of it. 

I tried so hard to get him interested.  "Oooo, look at the trains!  That's for you!  Look a the truck!  Those are stickers!" yet this was as close as he would get.  Reminding myself that I was slightly hormonal from Sister, I tried not to take it personally.  But when I huffed off to go put on my make up and he followed me into the bed room, I told him he needed to leave Momma alone, I was a little upset at the moment.  I said it nicely, I promise.  Of course a few minutes later (when the camera wasn't around) he took more interest and didn't put the trains down the rest of the day.  I did wake Cody up to take a quick picture of us, but someone wouldn't cooperate. 

Once we got to church I had my friend snap a quick picture of us before I dropped him off at bible class.  And this was the best she could get.

Oh well.  He got to have an Easter egg hunt in bible class, and then he spent the bulk of the service puttering those trains around.  Including up and over Sister, who seemed to provide a nice mountain to chug over.  For lunch we went over to Cody's parents house, where we had a big roast dinner, another egg hunt, and they tried to dye eggs. 

He did one egg and wanted no more.  It seems my basket wasn't the only  classic Easter tradition he wanted no part of.  Then we came home for a nap (a blissful 2 1/2 hour nap that I slept through too), then up to piddle around the house.  He wanted to do ANOTHER egg hunt, so I tossed some in the front yard and sat in the grass while he went after them.  Then we came in for some tv.  Ta da!  That was Easter.

On a non-holiday  note, there have been some nasty storms around here lately.  The last two nights have been tornado-y, with short but heavy rains, extremely strong winds, and the scary kind of lightening and thunder (not to mention the fact that the rain, plus high heat has made for some horrifically humid days already).  Thankfully Luke hasn't seems scared of any of it.  Friday night I went to a sleep over with my girl friends, and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.  10 of us met at a house (where the husband  was kicked out for the night!), had dinner and stayed up till 2 talking.  Then those of us that were still left for breakfast ate and talked some more until 10:30 that morning.  Where was my boy all this time?  Having a Nana and Papa night of course!  They had pizza on the patio for dinner (which included a lively round of bubbles, one of his new favorite things), a bath in Nana's big tub, and breakfast a Dunkin Donuts followed by a big Wal Mart shopping trip.  Between the donuts Saturday morning and all the candy he ate today, it's a wonder he has any teeth left, or will grow at all this month.  And we still have gobs of candy left over, which will be rationed out much more delicately from now on than it was today.  I tried to just let it go and tell myself he won't have a candy haul like this until Halloween, right?

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