Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saturday morning

Saturday morning I took Luke to the pancake breakfast/egg hunt up at church for all the kids under 5.  We had fun!  The new picture in my header was our first picture of the morning.  I'm smiling and Luke is chowing down on a sausage patty.  Typical, right?  After breakfast we did some of the crafts and games set up around the room.  First there was putt putting using a plastic egg instead of a ball.  For the life of me, I could NOT get Luke to use the correct end of the putter.  I tried three times to turn it around, use hand over hand, show him by example.  And every time he went back to this.

So we gave up and moved over to try the crafts.  At first he didn't want to make a bunny mask, but after a little cajoling and seeing Dakota working on his, I persuaded him.

Luke's turned out a little different than D's did. (I think Shae had more input on D's than I did on Luke's!)

After getting our craft on, the Easter bunny showed up!  I had a little friend who wasn't too sure about him though.

Eventually we got him in the Easter bunny's lap for a picture though.

Finally it was time for the egg hunt!

He had a great time.  They were only supposed to get 12 eggs (to make it fair and that everyone would get some), but even after I told him we were all done he kept just "finding" them.  So when he wasn't looking I'd sneak the extras out and toss them behind me.  Hey.  He got to keep picking them up, and we were staying within the limits.  Finally I got him to sit and start crackin them open.

There were stickers, candy, and bubbles!  Oh, the bubbles!  We actually got a little photo of some of the boys that are Luke's age...and we actually got them to sit for a minute to take a picture.  Key word is sit.  Getting them to look in the same direction was a totally different story.  And a gigantic fail.

But that's what we've got!  Zane, Dakota, Jack (Zane's little brother), Mikah (D's little brother), and Luke.  Poor Evan would have been totally outnumbered!  I think at this point Luke had eaten three or four pieces of chocolate from his basket, and the feast continued when we got home.  That child ate more chocolate than I have in the past two weeks!  But I just told myself that this doesn't happen every day (well, not until this Sunday when the Easter bunny visits our house!) and tried to let it go.  I really am trying to be more relaxed about stuff like that!

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John said...

I think all of the other kids' heads would fit inside of Zane's.