Saturday, April 2, 2011

Party time

I forgot to mention the other day that our neighbor got a sprinkler system put in.  I hope the workers didn't mind being on display all day.

Cause that little face was fascinated by what they were doing.

Today was another birthday party.  Zane's birthday falls near Easter every year, so it's become tradition to for there to be an Easter egg hunt at his party.  Luke was way more with it this year!  I didn't take my big camera to the party, but I did get a few fun photos of my boy with blue icing smeared all over his face on my phone.  Too lazy to download them though.  In those Easter eggs are little treats, and what I did get was a picture of my new tattoo.  After nap time Luke ate more candy than he's seen since Halloween, and looked at the 5 choices for a tattoo that he now has.  He chose a bulldozer for his arm, and then a ladybug for sister.  Yes. For sister.

Aren't you so jealous?!

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Lucy Marie said...

You look gorgeous!