Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eight Months

Evan, yesterday you were 8 months old.  My sweet, precious, perfect baby, where is the time going?

This past month has been a rough one, but you have shown your true colors- that you have a God-given sweet spirit and it takes a lot to get you down. Your health took a serious hit. For weeks you had raspy wheezy breathing, a nasty cough, and fever off and on.  You also got your first ear infection.  Through everything though, you maintained a good attitude.  What a blessing you are.
As if feeling bad from being sick (and consequently not sleeping!) wasn't bad enough, you finally got your first tooth!  It's the bottom front right one and over the last week I've watched it get bigger and bigger.  It's finally broken through enough that you can see it when you giggle.  While I'm thrilled that you've come to this big milestone, I'm sure going to miss the gummy smile that will dissapear all too soon.

Let's see...what else... I know from all the doctor appointments lately that you are right at 20 lbs, although I don't know your length.  I guess I could do that myself, but, eh.  You wear size 9 or 12 month clothes, and are still in size 3 diapers.  You still nurse/take a bottle about 5 times a day, but now we've totally incorporated a whole jar of food at night.  I know that you would LOVE to have more solids, but until this whole poop things stabilizes I really can't give you more.  That's not to say I don't sneak you bits of my food when I can.  I think if you could skip baby food and go straight to table food you would.  The thrill on your face when presented with cheerios or bits of bread or soft veggies is unmistakable.  Last weekend Nana made steamed green beans for dinner and I let you gnaw on a whole one.  It was pure love. 

You still love bath time (you've taken to crying when it's time to get out), love your brother (you giggle just looking at him), love to bang whatever is in your hands.  What you don't love?  Hugging or cuddling for too long (I'm afraid this is one of my less desirable qualities you've inherited).  All I want to do is hug and squeeze the stuffing out of you, but after about two seconds you are fussing at me to get off.  Ya just want to look around, see what's going on. You also have no desire to get moving.  I've tried to prop you up on hands and knees so you'll be in position to crawl, but it's always met with squalls of protest.

And this lookey lou behavior is also causing a problem when you nurse.  Trying to nurse while anything is going on has become quite an issue.  I'm afraid this might mean you wean earlier than I'm ready, I'm not ready to give it up yet.  Trying to keep you under a cover out in public has become a laugh too.  You will wave a little arm round out from underneath it, and eventually pull it off your face while still nursing.  Heaven forbid you miss anything that's going on. 

Oh baby girl, I love you so.  It tears me up that I can't be at home with you and your brother, I'm so afraid that missing this time in your life will be one of my biggest regrets.  But since your dad left, I've had no choice to cart you off every day.  Thankfully all of your babysitters love you *almost* as much as I do.  I'd have to say that Mr. Roger is probably your very favorite.  I've got it on good authority that anytime he walks by you and doesn't pick you up, you cry.  It tickles Ms. Cindy every time. 

Anyway, thank you baby girl for being my sweet Evan.  I hope that you will always know how precious you are to me, that you are worth everything in the world!

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