Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little of this and that

Hi.  I know.  It's been awhile.  But for a reason.  I've been doing a social media fast for a friend (since I can't do food due to nursing) for the last week, and I'm thinking that I may let it continue for a little while longer.  While I realize that blogging isn't social media per say, let's face it.

It's a gate way drug. 

Anyway, I just wanted to update real quick on my babies.  Mostly because Evan started giving me kisses last night on command and I cried this morning when I told Joby, the sweetness just overcame me.  Plus he made a big deal about how it is the best feeling and I was so glad that someone else got it. 

And Luke is my funny bunny as ever.  In conversation over the weekend he finally told me "get out of town!" when hearing some outrageous news.  And last night when I threatened to take Puppy and Blankets away for bedtime if he didn't mind me he said "YOU TAKE THEM AWAY.  I don't want them.  Go.  Put them in your room." and when I tried to warn him about the meaning of his words and to think about it, how sad he was going to be, he just insisted.  So when I followed through he broke down, and I had to spend the next hour of my night listening to him sob into his pillow about Puppy and Blankets.  Broke my heart.  But that's how they learn, right?  RIGHT?

We went to Dakota's birthday party on Saturday.  There were balloons.  Shae told me later that she didn't even realize what she had done until later and that I handled it well.  Sunday night when we went over for small groups the balloons were still there.  I tried to hold it together like an adult, but when I glanced over and Luke was belly down ROLLING on top of one I jumped up screaming "GOOD GOD SOMEONE CONTROL MY CHILD!!!" and ran out of the room. I didn't mean to.  It just happened.  Instinct.  A minute later the balloon popped and Luke thought the whole thing was hysterical.  So much so that he ran after me with another balloon.  Isn't he too young to terrorize me yet?! 

I've tried my hand at grilling a couple of times this week.  This is the very first time I've worked the grill.  Try #1- hamburgers.  Oi did I burn them.  But try #2- pork chops.  Much better

Girlfriend got to wear a new dress to church on Sunday.  Can you believe that is a size 12 months!  Good grief she is getting big.  I also bought her a new little hat to wear this summer to keep the sun off her face. 

I'm not so sure how well it will work out.

Sorry about the randomness.  I think the hardest part has not been tweeting.  Every couple of hours a random thought will pop in my head that would be a great tweet, but alas. It goes to waste.  Okay, not really.  That's when I say a prayer. 

But I really did say "Go watch some tv or you won't get your cake!" the other night and I'm pretty sure people would have enjoyed that one.


Jaclyn_Rose said...

I've given up facebook for lent and what has happened instead? I've done more blogging, short blogs, to make up for what I would have written on facebook!

Evans sad face with that hat on made me laugh out loud! Too cute.

I don't know you, but I take it you are afraid of balloons?

Lucy Marie said...

Love the pics of the kiddos. And also, I am confused. I am missing the whole balloon thing, I think?

Anonymous said...

You still don't like balloons! I promise that you weren't tortured as a child with balloons!! :)

~Luke and Evan's nana~