Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Treats galore

First off, I finally added the 8 month pictures to Evan's monthly update.

So last night I had to run to Sonic to get Luke's preschool teacher a gift card for her birthday party today.  I'd tried at lunch yesterday, but OF COURSE the network was down and I couldn't get any.  So last night between baths (girlie had gotten one, dude had not) we ran up to Sonic to try again.  I felt bad for just getting gift cards and not purchasing anything else so.....

we got a treat.  The anal type-A mom in me said "What are you doing woman?!  It is 8:45- not only have you broken the schedule, but are you crazy for letting your three year old have ice cream this late?"  But then another part of me realized that just because I'm the adult doesn't mean I have to be so rigid all the time.  I allowed us the freedom to get a random treat just because.  Because I've got a fabulous kid.  When I passed his ice cream back to him he said "Hey! It's not even Christmas!"  Okay.  Maybe I need to be a little more spontaneous sometimes.

This is also the kid who told me Sunday, as I was putting his clothes on to go to the Super Bowl party at the Sloan's, "I love you Mom.  You saved my life."

And then I died.
(I let him have M&M's one night last week- they do melt in your hands.  And on your mouth.)

But don't worry.  He's not all sunshine and roses though.  At the party he almost ran over his sister in a peddle car, so I banned him from driving it on the carpet and he got so mad at me he lost the privilege to play with it at all. Oi.  That did not go over well.

Also, later that night he was talking about best friends.  I asked him who his best friends were, he said Kota (Dakota). And Jadyn. And Zane.  He asked me who my best friend was, I told him that he was of course!  Then I asked again who his best friend was.  Alas.  Still not me.

Maybe I'll get lucky with this girl and she'll think I'm her best friend for a while.

(Can you see that little tear?  She was horrified that I set her down to make some dinner one night.  We made dinner together.)
Sunday after church we had lunch at Grandmother's house and I brought the sewing machine home with me. After I whipped up a little of this

I made a little this

for her to wear to the party.  I've got a couple of other projects floating around in my head, it's just a matter of making the mess to do it.

Ya'll know how I feel about mess. 

Speaking of mess, you should see my yard.  Lord. Have. Mercy.  Since it didn't get very cold in the least this year, the winter weeds have been abundant.  And here's the deal.  If I go out to check the mail at all, it's always after dark, so it's been WEEKS since I'd seen the front yard in day light.  I won't make that mistake again.  The weeds were calf high.  Thursday night I mowed and Friday night I cleaned out a portion of the flower bed.

That's right.  Those are only two bags of many more that will come.  I have never ever let my flower beds become over grown, but I guess there is a first for everything.

Two random pictures:
(Sunday during bible class. I finally let her wear the pearl bracelet she got for Christmas from my grandmother.  It didn't go well.  All she wanted to do was pull it off and eat it.)

(One of the 50 million reasons I love my friends: even their husbands are hands on with my kids.  Sorry it's blurry, I snuck this picture of Caleb with Evan.  She was perfectly content with him for forever!)

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