Saturday, February 4, 2012


So my Luke boy is getting highly creative in his thinking. And his reasoning. Once you get past the same questions over and over, as well as the questions confirming what you just said, he is SO FUN to talk to. Some of our resent conversations:

Luke: I want to wash me tonight. It's my job.
Me: Okay. That's fine. But make sure you lay down and get your hair the way down son. Get more than just the back of your head wet.
Luke: Don't worry mom, I'm just gonna wash my knees. That's all.

Me: What would you like to drink with your lunch?
L: Milk
Me: I'm sorry baby, they don't have milk at this restaurant.
L: I think I need some Sprite then.

L: Is my birthday coming up?
M: No. You still have a few months to wait. What kind of party do you think you will want for your birthday?
L: Pink
*all I could do was shake my head no. What kind of answer was that?!*
L: Then I think maybe blue.
Me: I can deal with that.

(Last Sunday morning I was procrastinating getting ready for church by read in bed on my iPad. Enter Luke.)
L: I have to do my work on the iBook now Mom.
Me: Your work?
L: yeah. It's okay. I just have to work on my train game.
(it's a rule that he doesn't play on my phone or iPad when we are at home. Dude is getting sneaky too!)

So those are just a few I can think of now. Some of his favorite phrases are "I think", "it's my job", and "maybe tomorrow". Didn't see the car he was talking about? Maybe you'll see it tomorrow. Not getting the treat you want because you don't eat all that you should? Maybe you'll get it tomorrow.

As we came home from church tonight, we were talking about Jesus. At one point he asked me if Jesus was going to come over. As in, to our house? I asked. Yes. When was Jesus going to come to our house. I didn't quite know how to answer that. How do you explain that He is always there without it sounding creepy? I did remind him that Jesus lives in our hearts. Then I asked him if he knew where his heart was. He said it was in his tummy. I said close enough.


Jaclyn_Rose said...

That is so cute! My little guy kind of likes to say the same things... must be a 3-year-old thing.

"maybe tomorrow"... "I think I need to..."

One day he wanted to go to Grandmas and we kept telling him we were going on Saturday. Ever since then every time he asks to go to Grandmas and we say not today he responds "maybe on Saturday we can go to Grandmas"

Melanie said...

So cute, I love little person conversations.