Monday, January 30, 2012

Life is better

I kept meaning to write this at the end of last week, but I kept getting side tracked.

Life got better. 

It always does. 

Wednesday night I took Evan to Acute kids instead of church, low and behold she had an ear infection.  But that meant she got antibiotics.  Thursday she still felt crummy (but amazingly without fussing) and Friday I determined it WOULD be a good day.  And it was. 

This girl's breathing improved.

Luke doesn't seem to need breathing treatments right now, and currently Evan only needs them at night (and even that is tapering off).

GUESS WHAT. Evan is getting her first tooth!  Poor poor baby, right in the middle of all the health drama, she was cutting her first tooth.  It's the lower middle left one, and I think it's just about done breaking through totally.  I first discovered it on Saturday, my heart skipped a beat or so when I did. I can't believe it.  One more step away from infancy.

Someone hold me.

You know a girlfriend feels better when she becomes thrilled with a new pair of shoes.  Saturday morning I went shopping with Mom and I got a couple of pairs of flats.  One pair is black with a rhinestone brooch thing on the toe, and when Evan saw them later that night on the floor of my bedroom she squealed and had to get her hands on them. 

While I don't fancy myself a girly girl, I do appreciate a certain amount of sparkle in my life.  I love that she loves it too. 

A few minutes later I had put her in her room to play, and Luke joined her.

Thrills my heart.  What mom wouldn't want to peek in on her children and see this?  I do hope (although I'm not holding my breath) that they always get along sweetly. 

And last night before small groups Luke was begging to go to the park.  Since it was beautiful weather, I consented.  But given that they are both on antibiotics for ear infections, I made them both wear a hat.  Luke was thrilled and didn't mind the hat.

I can't say the same for Evy girl.

I think she just wanted to go back to sleep.

Last night after the littles were asleep, I turned on the old broken laptop to transfer some pictures onto my external hard drive and also put on the bookmaking software that I have, which makes all my photo books.  I wanted to see if I could run it through the external at work without installing it on the desk top.  And BOOM!  I can! While I can't finish the book I've started (2010- I'm up to September), I can start a new book.  Which I've been doing all morning.  2011 January and February is already done.  Hopefully I won't be a over a year behind for too much longer.

It's also forced me to go back and look at my blog (to keep the pictures in order, I use this as a reference), and it has made me realize how much better I used to write.  Both in quality and quantity.  It also made me miss being a stay at home mom more than I have in awhile, and made me want to run back to that girl and tell her to run for the hills- life is about to turn upside down.  But that's the bitter sweetness of hindsight.  I had no idea.  Okay.  I had an inkling.  But not anything like life has become. 

Eh.  Life is just becoming a new kind of beautiful, right?

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