Saturday, January 7, 2012


I think only two of you follow me on twitter, so I thought I'd share all of my musing over the last couple of weeks. 

-I feel like Hershey Air Chocolate is just a ploy to sell less chocolate for the same price. Also, I very much love potato bread.

-Two steppin' in the kitchen with a certain little man. I may have even dipped him. One day I'll let him lead.

-I also just told that little man that the shredded carrot on his plate was kinda like an orange French fry. He tried & liked it. #parentwin

-The worst- headed to lunch totally famished and the elevator smells like the take out of who ever just got off. Not helping.

-After watermelon, pineapple, chips, salsa, & a 6 pack, picking up a pizza from the store wasn't cheaper than delivery. But my tummy? Happy.

-@ZooeyDeschanel Just walked by my three year old playing in the living room. He was singing the #newgirl theme song. No joke.

-You know you are good friends when you don't even think about brushing your hair before hanging out.

-FYI. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is what I've been missing all of my life. I have a new love and I am not ashamed.

-Choosing to read and eat chips and salsa in the fort instead of showering during nap time. #nevergrowingup

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Lucy Marie said...

I promise I wouldn't brush my hair if we were going to hang out :)