Tuesday, January 24, 2012


You know that sinking feeling, when life is just beating you down and nothing seems to go right and your head keeps bobbing under water?

Yeah.  I'm there.

There has been a whole lot of this.

And even more of this.

It all started Wednesday.  I took off of work because both Luke and I were sick.  Cold, sinus infection, something.  I don't know.  I already had a doctor's appointment for Evan because she wasn't pooping, and wouldn't you know she was the only one not sick.  While we were there Kim listened to Luke and gave him a prescription for some cough meds/decongestant.  By Friday he was good, just got run down easily, then he ended up going to the doctor for an ear infection.

Evan finally started pooping on Sunday, which is also when she started wheezing.  Bad.  She sounds like Wheezy from Toy Story.  And the cough.  Oh the cough.  It takes her entire body to cough.  Terrible. 

So....I'm a little over all of this sickness.  We were doing so good for awhile too.  If I have to take Evan in today, that will be three doctor trips in a week.  I've got better ways to spend our time and money.  Sorry for the blahness.  I used to be funny and light and interesting.  Maybe tomorrow?

Not that life has been ALL bad ALL the time.  Tuesday night (unfortunately when neither of us we feeling stellar since we were coming down with out colds) Ashely and I took Luke to his first Stars game.

We had fun!  The people in front of us were hysterical- totally into it- and the game was good too.  As you can see from the picture, we were pretty high up and Luke is a stander....he likes to stand as opposed to sit.  The rational person in me knew that he wasn't going to fall forward and topple all the way down to a painful demise, but the momma in me couldn't help it.  I literally had one hand on him the entire night.  Don't laugh. 

Sunday night the Foltermann's treated us to ice cream.  Laughter and frozen dairy products go a long way.

And it all really could be worse.  You know how I have the best baby ever?  Well, I really have the best baby ever.  Even when her eyes are droopy and her tummy hurts and she just feels crummy, she STILL is in a good mood.

I don't know how she does it.  Lord knows she didn't get it from me. 

(that's pear juice in her bottle.  Kid not pooping?  4 oz of pear juice is the only thing that works for us)

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