Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years and then some

I promise I will post a few pictures of Christmas.  It may be July before I get to it, but dang it, I'll make it happen.  My laptop and blogger just don't get along so it takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to try and upload photos.  Something I just don't want to tackle by the time I get everyone fed, bathed, bedded and the house picked up and the kitchen cleaned of dinner and the lunches packed for the next day and the bags put together.  So, you are left with another catch up post using phone photos.

What did I do before my iPhone? 

And thank you for loving me enough to put up with it.


The night of the 28th (I know because I posted it on facebook) I fixed Luke and I a nice baked potato dinner.  I have been wanting us to move to more table eating as opposed to just letting him run around and play and eating when he wants to.  I think you can tell his opinion on the matter.

The caption that went with the picture- "Now taking applications for a new dinner companion. If you don't throw fits you're a shoo in over this guy."

The next day, Thursday afternoon, Mom was keeping the kids so she brought them up to have lunch with me.  Could my lunching girl be any cuter?!

Probably my second favorite photo in the entire world.  This one, the second one, is still #1.

That night I was giving Evan her nightly bath.  I figured Luke was playing in the living room with his train table, like always, but alas.  He wasn't.  In fact, I was in for a bit of a shock.

I always thought I would first play in my jewelry box with my daughter, but it looks like my son beat her to it.  He'll grow out of it, right?  I mean, he did grow out of being obsessed with pink and purple.  Remember that?

New Years weekend was such a nice one.  Saturday morning I got the house all cleaned and we got to play outside.  In shorts. 

I love living in Texas.  It still gets up to the mid 60's here, but I heard a rumor that tomorrow it's supposed to get cold.  That's also how we do it.  Change seasons in 24 hours.  This was all before the kids' dad called and asked if he could have them for the afternoon while they did one last Christmas.  That left me with an afternoon to myself.  I believe my exact tweet was (and I just copy/pasted) "Kids are with their dad, so I'm on the couch with chips, salsa, and Harry Potter 4. Laundry be damned."  A quiet afternoon was not about to be wasted.  One thing I did eventually accomplish was moving all the baby toys out of Luke's room and into Evan's room, and moved a tub's worth of outgrown clothes from her drawers to said tub.  It also forced me to look at all the sweet little newborn things that she outgrew in about a week.  It pained my heart to see such little things and know that I will never have that again.  So I decided a few of her outfits could live on as doll clothes. 

Don't judge.

The kids got home that night in time for bed so I put them down, turned on the hockey game, and settled in to wait for midnight on the couch.  It was my first official New Years with no kiss, but that's okay.  I toasted myself with some champagne and called it a night.  Sunday morning we woke up and went to church, had lunch with Mom and Dad, then home for a nap.  Since I'd stayed up the night before I let myself nap with the girl.  Who woke up before me and found something to read.

At least it was quality material, right? 

That night we went to a friend's house for a tiny birthday celebration, which was always a good time.  Since technically it was a party, I dressed my girl for a party.

What you can't see are the black leggings and the silver Toms. 

Speaking of that girl, her hair is getting thicker and curlier.  I wish I had a better picture than this...

It doesn't do her justice, but oh well.  Monday I didn't have to work so I dedicated the day to Luke.  He wanted to go on an adventure, and inside adventure.  Not a clue what that means.  So, I did what any good mom would do and built him a sheet fort.  We moved the couch to the side of the living room and just went for it.  He had the best time.

But the funniest thing was, no matter how much I referred to it as a fort or a tent, he'd refer to it as the adventure.  "Mom, lets have lunch in the adventure."  "Read me this story in the adventure."  I went with it. 

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