Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Every other day affair

So apparently my new thing is to only write every other day.  I've got things to say each night, it's just I don't make the time to sit down and do it.  Much like many other things in my life.  Like the laundry.  Or cleaning the bathrooms. 

Not to say that writing it quite the beating that is household chores, but you get the picture.

Plus I've been really tired.  And I've watched a couple of movies with Cody.  Finally saw Avitar.  Yep, it was as good as everyone said it was.  And I realize they said it was a very long time ago.  Hi, I'm not a movie buff/lover/whatever.  Nice to meet you. 

And back to the really tired part....I don't know what my deal is.  I cat napped yesterday.  I long napped today.  And last night at 10 I could barely keep my eyes open and had to go to bed.  At 10. 

And don't you dare bust out the p-word again.  Cruel.

Before I forget, you can finally see what my suprise was.  I am just so inspired by this family, with whom I've got enough connections to that would make you're head spin, and they are adopting a sweet little girl from China in a few months.  If you don't read Mandy's blog, you better get going cause the girl is hysterical.  And she's got a couple of boys that always make for some interesting posts!

Yesterday and today were both filled with sunny mornings in water worlds.  Yesterday we went over to my other friend named Sara's mother's house (did you get all that?) to go swimming.  Luke had fun and I got to visit with my friend.  Win win!  Last night Cody mowed (don't everyone gasp at once please, you might hurt his feelings) and it took me a solid five minutes to find a little boy who ended up being here. 

He was GLUED to the window watching Daddy push that big noisy thing around the yard.  And everytime we go into the garage to get into the car he tries to get away from me and get to the lawn mower.  All in good time my friend.  One day you will be an excellent lawn mower.  Starting at the age of 10. 

Just kidding.


Today we went to the aquatic park to play.  Before we left I noticed that Luke had moved one of his pictures to the coffee table.  Smack dab in the middle of the coffee table.  Apparently it's still all about him.

But after I took the picture something funny happened.

I feel like I need a flip book or something.  That little face got closer and closer trying to see what I was doing.  Unfortunantly he likes to play with the camera when Mom's no looking.  And open it.  And put his finger on the lens. 

We had a glorious time at the water park.  My friend April and her son were there with us, and I commented to her how much I was enjoying/would be enjoying Luke this summer.  Not that I didn't have fun with him last summer, but he was a baby who was in a large pool and couldn't really move around in it.  This time he had his water wings and he was Mr. Independent.  He could run around.  He could walk in the shallow area.  His favorite thing to do was go out in to the deep area and just float around.  Of course I was glued to his side, but my hands didn't have to be on him 100% of the time.  He couldn't get anywhere in the deeper end since he can't swim, but the feeling of just being carefree out there was just bliss on his face.  I loved it. I loved the squeals of delight as we ventured to a new area.  I loved the giggles as I swam in cirlce around him and he tried to guess when I would come back into view.  We'll be going back.

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Lucy Marie said...

Oh how I would LOVE to go to the waterpark with you :)