Monday, June 14, 2010


It's my birthday!  Yes, today I rolled another year back on the ole calander.  My how I wish time would slow down.  Not just for the fact that my body is ageing, but also for Luke.  That kid is growing up to darn fast.  In two weeks it will be his birthday and I'll officially have a two year old on my hands!  Which is good because the terrible two's hit this house at around 18 months, so at least now the numbers will match up. 

This morning the first words I heard were "Happy birthday baby!"  That's always a good way to start out the day.  Cody went to work, and then Luke decided to go ahead and get up early as usual.  That's okay dear, don't sleep in on my account.  I tried to lay in bed until 8:45, but after three times of jumping up due to WHAT'S THAT NOISE! I figured it was a lost cause.  I got up, watered the lawn, and cleaned the kitchen.  Maybe not the ideal way to start the day, but if you had seen my kitchen, you would know why cleaning it would only improve the day. 

About 10 I got a text from Ashley.  She was a little frantic at work because she thought she had left her flat iron on and was afraid of burning down the house while Mom and Dad are in Hawaii.  She asked me to swing by and turn it off for her.  Being the good sister I am (okay, after trying to get out of it by asking her if there was an automatic shut off), I told her I could swing by on my way to lunch with Sara.  It's a good thing it really was on the way.  As I was driving I was talking to my grandmother, so when I got there I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings and went upstairs.  Of course it's not only turned off, but also unplugged.  Still on the phone, I silently comment to myself that she is turning into our mother.  I think almost every time we left the house growing up Mom would have to run back in and check her curling iron.  Every.  Time.  And every time it was off.  Every.  Time.  Anyway, I'm about to walk back out the door when I see this. 

Stinker!  I couldn't believe I almost missed it.  Here's what was on the inside.

Shouldn't she win awards for her mad decorating skills?  Love it.  Anyway, since I was on my way to lunch I just took it in with me and Sara and I had it for dessert.  She was so sweet to not only treat me to lunch, but also to practically give her whole fruit cup to my kid who was insisting that lunch be totally about him.  Loudly.  If it's possible, I think that I may love her more now than I did before.  Other than him we had a totally delightful time.  And some chocolate cake to boot. 

After lunch I stopped by the fabric store before heading to Grandmother's.  What kind of special day would it be if there wasn't a little fabric browsing involved?  At Grandmother's I got to try out her new sewing machine.  It is FANCY!   And it's not even the best of the best.  It's just 30 years newer than mine.  And she said that I could borrow it anytime I want.  Which I totally will, since there is now a cute little vine stitch calling my name.  I just have to figure out what to put on it. 

Then it was nap time, when I got to talk to my other dear friend, Shae, then it was time to just hang out.  I cleaned our closet.  Another seemingly unenjoyable task that was so desperately needed that it only improved the quality of my day.  And my life. 

When Cody came home he brought me some treats from Le Madeleine's.  Like 4 different desserts, a croissant thing, and some tomato soup.  Does that boy know me or what?  I ate the soup and the croissant and was so full for the rest of the night I didn't even eat dinner. 

Doesn't that sound like a good day?

Yesterday was pretty good too.  I had a cutie patootie to take with me to church, where he was such a good boy. 

We ate lunch at a place called Burgers and Brats........does that need any more explenation?  At 4 was the VBS meeting, I'm working it again this year.  Afterwards was small groups, where we brown bagged it and sat around laughing until my sides hurt.  Sweet Sara made a lemon cake and even had candle for me to "blow" out.  Just so you know, she let me be 14 again.  See why we're friends?


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Happiest of Birthdays! Mine is Friday. :) Your dude is so derned cute -- and what a fantastic cake!

Lucy Marie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

I am so sorry I was not around to wish you happy birthday on your actual day - I was out of town.

I am glad to hear you had a good day though!