Sunday, June 6, 2010

A better pool party

First of all, this morning at church Luke got ahold of Ashley's sunglasses. 

Maybe the auditorium was too bright? 

Tonight we had small groups, but it turned out to be more of a tiny groups.  The senior reception was also tonight, and some of the families are also involved with the youth so they went to support the graduates.  It left us with only 5 families tonight, but it was actually nice!  Much quieter than normally....Luke was the only toddler.  Well, generally much quieter.  At one point Luke decided he was a raptor and walked around shrieking as high as he could.  No concept of inside voice on that one.  We were at the Coulter's house, and Terry had bought a kiddy pool for the babes.  I was a little nervous about how Luke would do given the fiasco yesterday, but today he did much better.  It probably helped that he was the only one there, I'm thinking all the kids yesterday was really intimidating to him. 

See?  Much better.  He didn't play all that long, but it at least there was no crying.  We spent most of the time inside just visiting.  Like normal. 

Tomorrow is Monday.  Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week.  This week the speech pathologist comes out.  This week ECI comes out.  This week is the last week that Kayden will be here for the summer.  This week I've got a special suprise that I want to make.  Can't wait to show you.  This week I will get to bed at a decent time, because I'm tired of being tired.  So tired.

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Lucy Marie said...

Hey Girl! I have been away all weekend and haven't been able to catch up. I will respond to your email just as soon as I can but for now, know that I am praying for you! xoxoxo