Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lots of errands and a birthday party

Yesterday morning Luke's ECI case worker finally came.  She had to reschedule from Tuesday morning cause her kid was sick.  So yesterday at 9 she came, was excited that he's gotten a few new signs down, and gave me some new ones to work on with him.  My car inspection was up in March (WHOOPS), so my goal was to be ready and dressed before Wileen came so that as soon as she left Luke and I could jump in the car and get it taken care of.

Goal met.

We left the house about 10, and our first stop was mailing all of my goodies from Wednesday.  The next stop was Discount Tires to get two new tires put on the car so it would actually pass inspection.  By the time we got there it was going to take and HOUR to get them replaced.  I sure did call my Mommy to come pick us up because I was NOT about to sit in a lobby for who knows how long with a toddler.  She came and picked us up, and I figured we would go back to her house but then she (duh!) said it would probably be better if we just went home so the Luke could eat lunch and take a nap.  Hello.  That makes the most sense. 

He had some major troubles falling asleep.  I had to bust in twice to shoo him away from his toys and back into bed.  When he finally crashed I wondered if he was on his way out of bed or crawling back in.
(taken though the door knob hole)
(yes, that would be some kind of skull he's playing with.  It's Cody's.  Not mine.  We were waiting for Nana to get there.)

After nap time she came back for us and took us up to get the car, and then I was finally able to get a passing inspection.  Whew!  What a relief....I did not want to have to pay for that ticket should I have gotten caught. 

After the inspection Luke and I went with Mom and Ashley to do some errands.  We got home just in time to leave again.....Luke was going over to Cody's parents for the evening while Cody and I went over to Tara and Drew's house for dinner.  We had such a great time, and I am bummed we didn't get any pictures!  I forgot how much I enjoy hanging out with them.

This morning came a little earlier than I would have liked.  Thanks Luke. 

But then we got ready and headed to Jocylen's third birthday!  It was at the funnest place.  It was called My Gym and was basically a big room with tons of kid gymanstics equipment.  From the moment his feet hit the spring floor he did not stop running. 

Anywhere. (actually in this picture he is supposed to be in circle time with all the other kids, but we've got a rebel on our hands and he refused to comply with The Man.)

At one point they pulled out this car that rolled on a track. 

And when I had to take him off so other kids could have a turn, this happend. 

And there was a little car stalking. 

He got a total of three times on the car.  He's special. 

Finally there was cake. 

Then we came home and he crashed.  I mean CRASHED.  All that running + 2 hours past nap time = exhaustion.  And me trying to keep up with him? 


The Crowder Family said...

I worked at a My Gym in STL when I was in college. I may have even dressed up in a monkey suit at a birthday party. Just another reason for you to think I'm the coolest :)

Lucy Marie said...

That party looks fun ... I wish I was invited.