Tuesday, June 22, 2010

VBS day 2 and Sunday

Today I did more chores than is humanly possible.  Spurred on by the hurtful comment from someone yesterday, I made sure to have an immaculate house when Cody got home from work.  I watered the lawn, took out the trash, swept, swiffered, mopped, dusted, vacuumed, cleaned both bathrooms, and got all the laundry done, folded, put away, and ironed.  Plus I made dinner and got Luke and I ready, all before we had to be at VBS.  So  boo-ya hurtful comments.  Take that. 

I didn't get any pictures of Luke from VBS tonight because our craft was a little more involved tonight.  We stamped pillow cases with paint.......oi.  The group of three year olds actually went smoother because they were more willing to let us help them.  The five year olds?  Not so much.  So anyway, not much to show for it except clean pants!  Yay for no paint on them! 

So I thought I would show ya some things from Sunday morning.  We were running a little late for bible class, so I caved and let him have a nasty pop tart for breakfast, since I knew he would eat it quickly. 

He also ate it messily. 

After church we came home for a quick lunch and a long nap.  I mean long.  I finally woke him up at 4.  We've got places to go son!  On our way out the door he tried to sneak away and play with the mower.  What did I tell you about all in good time, little boy?! 

We went over to Mom and Dad's since they arrived back from Hawaii that very afternoon!  They brought me a couple of shiny new things.  :)

Okay, I had a picture up of the coffee mug that they brought me, but my mouth looks like I've smoked too many cigarettes over too many years due to the fact that Ashley got me mid "oooooOOOOOOoooo"  in the picture.  DELETE. 

And after we heard about the trip Dad went out to mow and Luke went out to meddle.  He loves exploring in the roll top desk.

And the drawer.

And he watched his Papa mow and edge. 

Finally we came home, got a quick bath, and hit the sheets.  He was a sweet little model for me as I once again played around with camera settings.  And thank you for putting up with yet another picture heavy post!

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Lucy Marie said...

How did you possibly manage to do that craft with 3 and 5 year olds and still have clean pants? And all of those chores? SUPER WOMAN!