Friday, June 18, 2010

Precious little stinker

I spent most of Luke's nap looking at fabric online.  Finally at 3:30 I decided I better eat some lunch.  I scarfed down the left over steak from last night's delicious fest, and zoned out in front of the t.v.  By 4 I realized I didn't want to do that any more.  I didn't want to watch tv, I didn't want to be on the computer, I didn't want to take a shower (shhhhhh), I didn't want to study my bible (forgive me Lord), I just wanted to read a magazine.  So I did.

I propped myself up on the bed, snacked on a refrigerated Crunch bar, and finished my Good Housekeeping from two months ago.  The house was quiet.  It was lovely.

Soon my darling little boy woke up.  I heard the creeeeeeeeeak of his door as it opened, and waited for a little face to appear.  It did.  His eyes were happy to see me and the silly thing waved at me like I'd been gone or something.  He jabbered about something for 2 or 3 minutes, and then disappeared.  That sweet boy had gone to get the left overs of his lunch to eat them in bed with me.  I cringed as he carefully walked over, carrying his plate in both hands while watching it like a hawk, and put it up on the bed.  My white bed spread.  Then he ran off for his cup.  Finally he was ready to just sit with me, and eat.  Which he did for all of 30 seconds.  When I realized he was way more interested in jumping on the bed than eating on the bed (with his food still there), I made him get down.

That's when he spotted my empty Crunch wrapper.  It must have sparked something in his little brain, because he ran off with it and came back with the box of cookies and cream pop tarts, which are chocolate-colored (just on a side note, those aren't mine, I bought them for Cody.  The grosser I think a pop tart flavor will be, the more likely he is to LOVE it.)  I told him no, he couldn't have any pop tarts and to go put it back.  He ran off again, but when he returned he was hiding something behind his back (I'm still sitting on the bed) and walking/looking very coy.  When I finally convinced him to show me his hand, it was a package of pop tarts taken from the box.  Oh boy.  I'm in for it.

Also today I've been messing around with my camera some more, attempting to make a camera strap cover (1st one turned out decent for a first attempt, now I'm going to try again with the improvements I have in mind),

and I gave the boy a hair cut.  I put that obsession with Cars to good use again to keep him still.  I got the back embarrassingly short, but with a collared shirt you can't tell as much.



On a random side note, I can't keep this kid's diaper centered on his bum properly.  It always turns a little wonky after awhile. 

And just and FYI, over the next few weeks you get to endure some miscellaneous pictures from the day.  As I fiddle and try out this camera you get to see the very best of what I've done.  Yikes.  So sorry.

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Tara Branch said...

Ok...this might be a family member perspective, so if it is disregard immediately, BUT that haircut made him look sooooo much like Cody and Chase when they were his age! I have pictures somewhere at my mom's house to prove it! :) Annnnd, when is my next sewing lesson?!?! :) Glad you got a new camera...your pics look amazing already!!