Monday, June 21, 2010

VBS has begun

I don't know if VBS is popular else where, but it's a summer staple where I come from.  That's Vacation Bible School, in case you were wondering.  Like last year, I am instructing a group of three year olds and a group of five year olds in their nightly craft.  But unlike last year, Shae is not helping me (she is still living far away...haven't been able to woo her and Joby back yet), but Mom is helping me. 

Cheese!  Can you tell what the craft for tonight was?  (it was the hat)

We were supposed to decorate the door to our classroom by Sunday, but since Mom was in Hawaii it got pushed back until today.  And when I say today, I mean 4:00 today when we are supposed to be back and have had dinner by 6:00 today.  This morning I took Luke to the aquatic center with some of our friends, so we were a bit preoccupied.  Here's our door:

Not bad for throwing it together in 45 minutes, right?   Well, before you give me too many pats on the back, here's what was directly across the hall.

Oh well.  The kids won't care. 

While I was getting my craft on, my baby was getting his crafty VBS on too.  My dear Sara took him into the auditorium with all the big kids and sang the songs with him.

Then she took him back to a room to make his very own hat.

He wasn't too sure about it.

What he really wanted to do was this.

But then later he made a new BFF.  Brandie walked in with her phone and he saddled up next to her faster than bees on a melting ice cream cone, flashed her his pearly whites, and settled in for a nice round of iphone games galore. 

Then, about the time I was ready to get him in bed, I look over and what is he doing?  Running a marathon of circles around the couch.  Not kidding.  He had his own high speed track going.  I'm just hoping that he wore himself out enough to sleep past 6:45.  It's a little problem we've been having lately.  I also clothes pinned a blanket to his curtains in hopes of tricking him into sleeping longer.  Fingers crossed.

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Lucy Marie said...

We always have VBS here, too. Our current church calls is BDC (Bible Day Camp) but it's the same thing.