Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Being a boy

Being a boy can be very hard work.  There are lots of things to do throughout the day.  For example, after Momma takes out the trash, it is very important to make sure she got it all. 

Then inspection of the trash can lid must occur, to determine whether it's working and clean. 

One might even need to step inside to make sure it's big enough. 

Finally the lid's fate is decided, and which is indicated by it's next location.

Apparently it failed inspection.  It failed so miserably the porch wasn't even good enough for it, so farther out it must go. 

Then that Momma wonders why her windows always look like this.....

until she realized how much this happens. 

Sometimes there is a fierce lion-dog that must be tamed.  But she's not a big fan of the lion tamer at those times.  Mostly when he has food in his hands she loves him. 

Finally a boy might wrap up his day clean from a bath, and then run away from that Momma and watch Daddy mow the lawn in the dark. 

Oh what the neighbors must think.

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