Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wicked and ice cream

Sorry I wasn't around last night.  See, I already had plans.  Something like a date.  My sister, cousin, grandmother and I were here last night.

And it was fantastic.  I've actually been to see Wicked before, the first time it came to Dallas, and I've also read the book.  Oh the book.  Normally the book is much better than the movie/performance, but in this case I wouldn't agree.  The book is.....different.  And dark.  And has undercurrent themes that seem to jump all over the place.  Anyway, I love this musical.  And I've seen a whole lot of them.  

It didn't start until 8, which meant I didn't get home until midnight, so this old foe-gee went straight to bed.

This morning dawned hot and humid.  Holy mother of all things good it was sufficatingly hot this morning.  At 9:30.  (Aren't you proud of me that I got going so early?)  Our first stop was a local nursery to getting the biggest and the best crab grass killer.  $25 and an sweaty shirt later, I got it.  Tomorrow it's D Day for the crabs (grass that is.  Get your mind out of the gutter.)  Feeling a little discouraged that we were all dripping so early in the game, I cranked up the AC and headed to Hobby Lobby.  Yes I go there a lot.  Get over it. 

At Hobby Lobby I put Kayden's carrier in the basket and let Luke push the cart.  He was doing really well until I saw my friend's mom and stopped to visit.  I look over and he's got his shoes off, running down the store.  Awesome.  He had to ride in the buggy after that. 

After HL we went to Walmart and I was so bummed they didn't have any plain tee shirts, in the boys or the girls sections.  AHH!  I've got some tee shirt ideas that I am dying to make and of course there are no shirts for me to get!  Tomorrow I'll be going to the ole trusty Target.  After that I don't know where to turn.  Kohl's maybe? 

Our last stop of the morning was Sprouts.  I forgot how great that place was.  I got a ton of fruit, some chicken salad from their deli that will last me the rest of the week in lunches (chicken salad is my very favorite thing), and I bought Luke some Pirate Booty.

He loves it.  And I feel much better about him eating that than the huge bag of animal crackers I bought at Walmart.  I might have been a little hungry for lunch at that point.

We got home at noon, ate a quick lunch, and then it was naps all around.  Well, all around for the boys.  I picked up the house and did some sewing.  We have birthday parties the next two Saturday's in a row, so I thought I'd put my new found crayon roll skill to work and make both girls a roll to go with a coloring book.  What three year old doesn't love a new coloring book? 

And finally we come to tonight.  A family that moved away this spring was visiting tonight so a bunch of us went to Brauhms's for ice cream after church.  Except I only brought my keys with me, no wallet or anything, so you better believe I went up to Mom and say (in a really whiny voice) "Mooooooom, all my friends are going out for ice cream but I didn't bring my wallet.  Can I have some money?"  My sister died laughing, but I scored a cool $6 out of it.  I got me a double scoop sundae and Luke some mint chocolate chip ice cream.  He didn't like it at first, but he came around.  Mostly he wanted to get up on all the tables and straighten the salt and pepper shakers.  Which he did.


Lucy Marie said...

Nice! I totally would have whined to my mom for money, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds pretty sweet! :)

~Luke's nana~