Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Early start on the birthday

This morning around 11 I got the boys out to run up to Hobby Lobby.  It was a real quick trip and I hated to put all that effort into getting us out the door for only a 10 minute run so we went across the parking lot to a fish store.  Is there a better, more techincal name for a store that sells only fish and aquarium equipment?  If there is, it's not coming to mind at the moment.  I used to love looking at fish when I was younger and I was hoping maybe Luke would love it too.  I think he liked trying to open up the tank's tops more than actually looking at the fish.  Kayden seemed to enjoy it, although there isn't much you can do from a car seat except look. 

After the fish store we went next door to Which Wich to grab me a sandwich and bring it home.  It was so hot and I was really looking forward to a big Dr. Pepper on the drive home.  But when I got to the soda fountain I realized that they only had Mr. Pibb.  Totally forgot about that.  So I got a Coke instead.  Then after getting everyone loaded up into the car I sure did drive off with it still on the roof.


While bummed about wasting the money, I did console myself with the thought that then I could go and get a wonderful Dr. Pepper from Chicken Express and then I wouldn't have to drink Coke any more.  So I did. 

After nap time Luke brought me the DVD box of Cars and then pointed to the tv.  Apparently he wanted to watch it.  What do you think?

He was GLUED to the tv about 90% of the time it was on.  I've never seen him that engaged in a movie before.  We didn't get to finish it because we had to go to dinner....for my birthday! 

I know, my birthday isn't until next Monday, but Mom and Dad are going to Hawaii at the end of the week for their anniversary, so they will miss it.  Mom's exact reasoning was "We were going to have to miss either your birthday or Luke's.  You've had 26 other birthdays and this will only be his 2nd one, so we picked to be here for his."  I guess that's a grandparent through and through for you. 

Anyway, I got to pick where ever I wanted to go (which was a lot of pressure by the way.  I hate making decisions like that.)  and I chose to go to my favorite local sushi place and then Mimi's Cafe for coffee and bread pudding for dessert.  Mmmmmmm.  It was so good.  At Asahi we sat at a hibatchi table because a.) Mom, Dad, and Cody were getting hibatchi and b.)  we thought Luke would enjoy the show.

Wrong.  He was terrified of it.  So he moved to my lap.

Until my delicious Spring roll got there.

So he moved to Dad's lap until the man cooking left the grill.  At Mimi's he was a little out of controll with more energy than he knew what to do with.  Cody didn't want dessert so he took him outside to run around while we ate.  When we were done and went outside, there he was.....RUNNING back and forth across the porch.  Cody said he did that The.  Whole.  Time.  Needless to say he's now sleeping quite well in his little bed.

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Lucy Marie said...

Sounds like a fun time. Sorry about the coke incident. I would have cried. Of course.