Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exciting Day

Well, it didn't start out so exciting.  I got caught up on all the house work that I've skimped out on over the last several days.  Luke thought he would help. 

Yes, that's him Swiffering the walls. 

He also thought he would help with the laundry.

Unfortuantly he just got stuck under the basket. 

So I popped in the movie Cars and was able to get it all done. 

He has been begging me for days to watch it again, so I finally complied in order to get the chores done without little feet running through the swept up dust pile, tracking mop cleaner everywhere, or screaming when I vacuumed.  He didn't budge from that spot the entire time it was playing. 

Most of the day I spent waiting for a package from Amazon.  I'm talking door open, walking by every thirty seconds, acting like a little school girl on her birthday waiting.  Of course it didn't come until 6 tonight.  But it came none the less!  And now I have........

a beautiful new camera!  That's right, I pooled in my birthday money, the last of my babysitting money, some money from craft sales, and a tad out of pocket to purchase the Canon Rebel T1i.  I haven't been this excited for something to come home since I birthed a baby and he was leaving the hospital.  Of course I jumped right in and tested it on my new model.

Those were before bath time with some dinner still on his face. 

And that one is after bathtime, all nice and clean. 

And speaking of dinner, I actually tried a new recipe, and I do believe it was the best thing I've ever made.  Talk about a good night.  I was so impressed that it actually looked like the picture in the magazine, that I was compelled to take a picture of it with my new fancy camera. 

Lord have mercy it was good.  And excuse the sides.  I'm not much of a sides person.  The family was lucky to get what they did. 

And I promise I did put clothes on him today.  We did have to run to the store to get the steak and garlic, so I just slapped a tee and shorts and a hat on him and ran out the door.  I was super paranoid that my new baby would get delivered while we were gone and she would just be sitting on the porch, vulnerable to the heat and bugs and occasional passer-by.  But that didn't happen. 

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Lucy Marie said...

I am so jealous of your new toy!