Monday, June 6, 2011

Doctor appointment and a hot day

Yesterday after church was over for Luke I ended up meeting everyone at Chili's for lunch.  My girl had her first lunch outing!  Mom said she would just bring me some lunch when they brought Luke back, but I was needing some normalcy.  While the stretch of bible class, church, and lunch sounded like too much all one time with trying to figure out this nursing thing.  But feeding her at home and then having a quick lunch?  I could handle that.  It was so nice to get out and Evan just slept through the whole thing. After lunch I took my kids home for nap time, and about an hour later Mom came over to clean my house.  She wanted me to sit on the couch while she worked, but yeah right!  I couldn't let her do that.  So I organized Evan's room, and later Luke's when he got up, while Mom did my floors, some laundry, and cleaned the kitchen.  It was so nice to feel like my house was back.  Later that evening I took the kids over to Shae's for awhile.  She couldn't get out to come see Evan, so we just went to her!  Plus by us leaving the house it stayed clean for just a little longer.  Ha! 

This morning was a busy one.  Evan had her follow up appointment with the pediatrician, so Ashley came with us to help with Luke.  The office is right next to the library, so I dropped them off to get Luke some new books while my girl was getting checked out.  Everything looks fine and dandy on her, except she's lost a tiny bit of weight.  We have to go back on Friday for a weight check, and I'm praying that she's gained so I don't have to start supplementing with formula.  She also got her tongue clipped today.  There was a little piece of skin underneath her tongue that kept it from being able to come out of her mouth and made it look a little forked.  It didn't seem to hurt her and now she should be able to nurse even better and be saved from possible speech issues in the future.  Lordy knows I will do whatever it takes to keep her from having speech issues too!  After the appointment we ran to the grocery store for a few staples then back home for Luke's speech appointment.  Told you it was busy! 

This afternoon was a nice and easy one at home.  We didn't go anywhere, and I tried to put a little more focus into Luke.  I think he's getting a little jealous.  A few times when I was holding her he would tell me to "Go put Baby Evan in kib."  I guess the crib equals baby is put away.  And when I feed her he always needs me to come sit with him where ever he is, whether on the floor by his trains that he's playing with or in his room.  At one feeding we sat on his bed and read stories, and that seemed to help.  Poor kid.  I know it will get better but I still feel bad. Also, it was so stinking hot today.  The last two days have had outside temps of over 100, and our A/C just can't keep up.  By 4:00 it's 84 in the house.  It causes us all to hang out like this.

Do you need a close up of that sweet face?  Okay.

I just can't resist.  I am just loving my new baby!  She is so sweet and isn't a real fusser so far.  During her awake times she just hangs out, looks around, and makes those funny gaping fish mouth faces.  And the way that newborns arch their backs while scrunching their legs and faces with their arms up behind their heads?  Gets me every time.  I can't stop kissing on those sweet squishy cheeks!  (and she doesn't wipe them off like a certain other little someone has started to do!)


Lucy Marie said...

She is just all kinds of perfect. So GORGEOUS!!

I have some thoughts on the weight loss thing but I don't want to sound like a know it all ... so I will leave it to you to let me know if you want my opinion and thoughts.

Make sure you take it easy. I know you're a go getter and a busy body - but let your body rest and heal! You just did a big job (coming from the girl who went to the mall, the outlets, out for lunch 3 times and grocery shopping in the first week after giving birth...)

Haley said...

Oh wow, has she lost her umbilical cord already? She's got a cute little "beebo" (as liam would call it). Just keep loving those two with all your heart. Squee, she's adorable.