Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pool Day

Last night a major storm blew in.  Evan woke up at 2:30 to eat, and at that point it was just super high winds (which I found out later were 70 mph!), thunder, and lightening.  About half way through the feeding is when the rain started.  By the time I laid her down at 3 it was beginning to hail, and when I climbed into bed it was hailing like there was no body's business.  As I laid there wishing I could fall asleep in all that racket, I was sure that Luke would start calling out for me any minute.  Except he didn't.  I was SHOCKED that he could sleep through that ridiculously loud storm.  Next thing I knew it was 6 and Evan was barking to eat again.  And once again, when I climbed into bed at 6:30 I figured Luke would be up for the day any minute.  The next thing I knew there was a little face staring into mine.  But the clock said 8:30!!  For the second time that boy just shocked the socks off of me.  What a blessing to be able to sleep in that long. 

At 8:40 I rolled out of bed to fix him some breakfast, and that's when we finally hit a snag.  We were out of milk.  We were out of cereal bars.  We were out of fruit.  Basically we were out of everything.  Oops.  The plan for the day had been to pick Mom up at ten till 10 to get to the pool, but since we had nothing to eat I called and told her we would be there a little early so we could go get donuts for breakfast.  Problem solved right?

So I sat down at 9 to feed Evan before taking off.  Then the door bell rang a few minutes later.  It was his ECI developmental case worker here for her last visit before Luke is too old for the program on his birthday next week.  I TOTALLY forgot about her appointment.  My bad!  I text Mom and told her we'd be a little late, and I tried to rush through the appointment but she really wanted to hear all about Evan. 

FINALLY we were on our way.  Mom was in the passenger seat of the car, donuts in her lap, and we were pulling up to the pool.  Only 30 minutes after I had wanted to be there.  I was afraid that the water would be way to cold after all the rain and hail, and while it was pretty chilly for the adults, Luke didn't seem to mind.  He had a GREAT time!  So great in fact, I wasn't able to get a picture of him, he was too busy.  I did get a couple of my girl though. 

She spent the majority of the time just like this.  Sleeping her life away in her sweet little robe.  She did have her bathing suit on though! 

Next time we go I'll let her get in the water, it was just too chilly this time.  Hopefully this girl will love the water as much as her brother does!  I did learn my lesson on pull-ups vs. swim diapers today though.  Before we left he had wanted a pull up on, and they looked like they would be just as non absorbent as a swim diaper.  WRONG.  They are way more absorbent.  In fact, finally all the gel stuff burst out the top of the back of the pull up.  It was a little gross.  I just pulled it off of him and let him go with just his swim suit on.  I even let him ride home with just his swim suit on.  How brave am I?  Especially since every time I ask him if he wants to go pee pee in the potty he just brushes me off  with a "No tanks Mom!" and goes on his merry way.  He's gonna have a rude awakening one of these days when I mean business with this potty training gig!


Haley said...

How funny, we took Colin to the pool for his first time today too. We got in (it was 102 today and the little pool was 82) but he had a shivery little chin from it. And I almost let Liam wear a pull-up instead of swim diaper today but decided against it. So glad to know what happens and I won't in the future.

Evan is sweet in that little bathing suit :)

Lucy Marie said...

What a sweetie in her suit. So glad you enjoyed your day by the pool.