Friday, June 10, 2011

Last few days backwards

Whew.  Until we really settle into routine, or my girl starts sleeping more at night, I think blogging is going to take a serious hit.  I want to record what happens in our every day, but the problem is I used to write right after Luke went to bed.  Now?  Now I feed the babe then hit the sheets myself to eek out every minute of sleep time that I can.  During the day I just don't think about pulling out the computer.  Anyway, that's the story.  Now for the last few days.

Today was Evan's weight check at the doctor, after having lost some between being released on Saturday and her appointment on Monday.  She should have started gaining by that point, seeing as my milk had come in and we had been reunited.  Good news!  She went from 8 lbs 5 oz on Monday to 8 lbs 11 oz today!  My girl has become quite the eater, and I'm strangely proud of her weight gain.  Her color also looked better, what little jaundice she had is mostly gone.  Yay Evan!  After her appointment we headed up to the hospital for her second and final newborn screen.  Then home for lunch and nap time.  Instead of napping along with my children today (which I've done every other day this week!) I stole some moments for myself and headed to Target while Mom came and sat in the quiet.  Luke got up not long after I got home, so I fed Evan and we all headed out to the mall.  Mom got me some awesome new nursing tops and I bought myself a dress!  Okay, so technically it's a maternity dress, but I promise you can't tell.  I love it!  I haven't bought something new like that for myself in FOREVER.  When we got home it was almost time for our second meal from my small group (thank you Brandy, the chicken parm was delish!) and then the day took a turn for the worse.  I looked over and just knew something was off with Luke.  I got Cody to take his temperature, and sure enough it was 101.6.  I tried to get some Tylenol down him, but he got so worked up about it he broke into a giant sweat and I quickly put him in a cool bath.  Two hours later he's asleep and it's only down to 99.8.  I sure hope it's just a fever and doesn't develop into anything else.  I'm not ready to deal with an infant and a sick preschooler!

Yesterday wasn't any slower.  We woke up a bit later than usual, and I decided to take the kids to story time in the park.  Our children's minister has decided to have this once a month, where we have a picnic at one of the parks, let the kids play, then she reads them a bible story. 

Our only family picture, besides the one we took right after Evan was born in the delivery room.  We are a sweaty and sticky, but we are together!

I was shocked that Luke actually sat on the blanket and listened instead of running off to the playground to do his own thing.  My baby is growing up!  Then we came home to take a nap.  It turned out to be a nice long nap.  Afterwards I got up and did some laundry, and our first meal from my small group came.  It took some convincing from my friends to let them bring me dinners, but now I'm glad they did.  I hate cooking, so to me it feels like such a burden to have people bring me meals.  And now is the part where I have to admit that it's been a real blessing to not have to worry about that at the end of the day.  I've been to the store twice this week and I STILL have things I've forgotten.  Trying to get everything together for a meal just wouldn't work right now. 

Wednesday was a much slower day, we didn't even get out of the house until dinner.  I met Ashley at Schlotzski's for dinner, and by the time she got there I had already gotten our food ordered, drinks in hand, and we were sitting at the table eating.  Yay me!  Ha!  Then I took the kids to church.  Evan's first church service!  Except we ended up sitting in the nursery the whole time.  She decided that she needed to eat an hour earlier than I thought she would need.  Oh well.  At least my boy got to go to bible class!

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Lucy Marie said...

It was so nice to hear your update. I'm glad things are going well. And the wanting to eat an hour earlier than you thought she would? Oh man, I know what that's like ... when E was new, it ALWAYS seemed like I'd predict when she'd eat and she'd turn it upside down.