Friday, June 17, 2011

Shoot the Poop

Yesterday I had a first with Evan.  I didn't think I'd have too many firsts with her, seeing as I've run the gamut with Luke, but this had definitely a first.  See, the whole poop situation has been COMPLETELY different with my girl.  As a bottle fed infant, Luke didn't ever poop more than once every few days.  My girl?  The nursing queen?  Holy moly it's every other hour.  Literally.

So yesterday I was changing yet ANOTHER dirty diaper.  Normally I have a clean diaper laying underneath the dirty one ready and waiting so there will be minimal mess if she spouts off in the middle of a change.  This time I forgot.  I had her feet up, booty pointing out and was mid wipe when BAM! She got me.  Not only did she get my hand, my leg, the changing pad, but she also got 2  feet away on the carpet.  There was poop everywhere.  Then she starts peeing, and soaks everything, including the sweet night gown she was wearing.  Good gracious it was a mess. 

Fortunately for me, Luke was sitting right there, watching it all unfold.  He immediately started directing me in the clean up process.  "Wipe de poop of de weg!  Mom!  Get it off de hand!" 

So she got a new outfit.  How could you be upset with that sweet face?

Today we got out and did a few errands.   We ran into James Avery to pick up my charm bracelet.   Mom and  Dad got me the little girl shoes to put Evan's name and birthday on just like they got me the little boy shoes for Luke when he was born.  I love it!  I'm glad to have my bracelet back...I've been missing it.  It's one of those things I wear every day.  After James Avery, we popped into Children's Place to get Luke a new pair of play ground shoes.  Yes, he has a pair of tennies solely for the play ground.  That way his cute shoes don't get all icky.  This pair was on sale for $6.  Score!  Then we ran into Charming Charlie's for a pair of sun glasses.   I've been missing mine for a couple of weeks now, so I caved and bought a new pair.  I'm expecting the old pair to show up any minute now. 

The rest of the day was spent hanging around the house.  Luke woke up super early this morning, so he was beyond ready for an early nap.  While he and Sister slept I took a shower, then I meant to do a little house cleaning but I got a little distracted by the games on my phone and only got the sheets changed on my bed.   By then Luke was up, Evan was up, and everybody wanted a snack.  Then we just hung out on the couch until Sara brought dinner over (take out from La Madeline's!  And Taylor brought this yummy dish over last night, which I ate not only for dinner, but for lunch today too.  My friends take such good care of me!)

Tonight I tried to get Luke to watch a movie with me, but he refused. Oh well.  I guess playing with his toys is a better activity anyway.

This picture is just because she's so darn cute.  All the pictures on today's post are from my phone.  It's so much easier since it's always by my side than going to get the big camera.  Not to mention the moment would be over by then and trying to take a picture of myself with the kids?  Nearly impossible with that thing.

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Lucy Marie said...

Haha I love Luke's instructions about cleaning up the poop. Way too funny. What a helper.