Sunday, June 12, 2011

First church

Yesterday was a slow easy  day.  Cody  took Luke over to his parent's house around 11 and didn't come back till 6, so Luke was able to get some good one on one time with them.  That left me and my girl at home for a quiet afternoon.  I was finally able to clean the bathrooms (something that's been back burnered for a couple of weeks now) and change the sheets on all three beds.  Evan slept and I watched tv.  It was nice, but I missed my boy!  By the time they got back I couldn't handle the heat of the house anymore, so when Cody left I gathered the kids up and headed over to Mom and Dad's for dinner.  Luke got some major grandparents time in all day! 

Today was Evan's first Sunday church.  I took her to bible class with me, and then we got through about the first 20 minutes of service before she got hungry and we had to excuse ourselves to the nursery.  She was so poky about eating that service was just about over by the time we got back in there!  Okay, it wasn't all her fault.  Most of my friends had gathered in the nursery by that point with their kids, so there's a good chance I was just visiting for part of it.  Shame on me.  And I tried to get a good picture of us before church.

But true to himself, Luke didn't want to cooperate.  My girl sure looked cute in her purple ruffly dress and big brown flower though!

After church we went to Schlotzsky's for lunch (I had a coupon for a free sandwich in honor of my birthday) and then it was home for a nap.  Except I'm pretty sure Evan was the only one who actually did.  Luke mostly just laid in bed and hollered at me.  I tried to lay down with her, but I was so distracted by the boy that I couldn't nap either.  Evan is such a sweet sleeper!

When Luke saw me taking a picture of just her, of COURSE he wanted his picture taken too.  Because I really wanted another picture of him in just a diaper as opposed to this morning when he was all cute in his church duds. 

This evening we went over to Joby and Shae's to watch the Mavs win the finals.  True to form, the very end of the game was the only part worth watching, and I was shocked we pulled it through!  Evan was obviously very excited for them.

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Lucy Marie said...

Wait -- didn't you just have a baby? PLEASE explain to me why you look so darn good in that church picture?! Um HELLO HOT MAMA!!

Also, couopon for your birthday? Did I miss your birthday?! :(