Friday, June 24, 2011

Train Day

Today was a day like none other for my boy.  It was Mecca.  We.....rode a train.  A REAL train.

Last night Luke went home with Dad after he mowed the lawn.  It gave me a much needed break from my biggest little love, and we had big plans in the morning anyway.  Our original plan was to get up and ride the new A-train from Old Town to either Denton or Carrollton around 9:30/10 in the morning, shop there and eat lunch, then ride the train back home in time for a nap.  This morning I found out that the rails were being shut down from 10-2:30 so that some historic train could use the track. 

So the revised day went a little something like this:  I finally woke up for real at 9:45.  I fed my girl, tossed some clothes on us, and went to Starbucks for an hour.  Yes, for an hour I had Evan on my shoulder, coffee in my hand, and a magazine in my lap.  Sure, I hold my baby and drink coffee every morning, and I could obviously read Good Housekeeping if I wanted.  But there was something so luxurious about doing it there instead of here.  When we got home I laid her down for what I thought would be a nap and jumped in the shower. 

Turns out she didn't go to sleep and was yelling for me when I got out.  Oops!  I ate lunch, she ate lunch, and she finally passed out.  I loaded her up and we went over to Mom and Dad's to wait for Luke to wake up from his nap so we could go as soon as we did.

Finally he did, and we went down town to catch the 3:31 train.  He was over the moon. 

I wanted a cute picture of the three of us, but there was NOTHING we could do to get him to look at the camera.  Sure he was shouting 'CHEEEEEEESE!' at the top of his lungs, but his eyes were glued to the track. 

I thought he would be terrified of the train when it pulled up because it was so loud, but nope.  He loved  it. The ride was about 25 minutes long, and when we got to Denton there was about a 4 block hike to the town square.  It was hot (HOT) so the first place we hit was the ice cream shop.  Oh man, this place has the best ice cream.  Then we popped into a couple of stores (including a baby boutique where I bought a new head band for Evan that is actually from the same Etsy site where I've gotten three of her headband already.  Score that I didn't have to wait three weeks to get it in my hands!).   Finally it was time to move on back to the train and ride it home.  It was a super fun day!

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