Monday, June 13, 2011

The air is back!

Today my house was kind of a revolving door.  At 11 a lady from church brought Luke and I sandwich fixings and snack foods, along with a little bucket with a train, airplane, and paint set.  How sweet was that?  Thank you so much Lana for your thoughtfulness!  I let Luke do the painting after his nap.

If you are basing his skill on keeping it on the paper and not making a mess, then the kid did awesome!  Then an hour later his speech therapist came for our weekly appointment.  At 2:30 the air conditioner repair man came.  Wahoo!  While it was unfortunate that he rang the door bell and came in with a very boisterous voice and woke up Luke, I'll take a day of a cranky kid in exchange for a summer of cooler air.  My friend from high school was supposed to come over after she got off work, but she got stuck on the job and didn't get to come over.  Boo!  But my friend Jenn brought Luke and I a lovely meal of chicken Cesar salad.  Perfect for a house that has been 85 all week!  I did squeeze in a quick trip to Lowe's for an air filter (the a/c guy pulled ours out while he was working and asked me if we had a new one to replace it- it was EMBARRASSINGLY nasty) and the grocery store for some milk.  Of course I didn't walk out of the store with just milk, I picked up a few other little things for myself, but more on that tomorrow.  Hopefully tonight we'll all get some good sleep without being sticky!

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Lucy Marie said...

Glad it's fixed. Sticky babies = unhappy babies