Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pool and Pictures

This morning I got the troops up and out the door to head to the pool. 

When I say it in a cute little sentence it makes it sound like it was no trouble at all, and took no time. 

Oh, the contra ire.  Luke slept in until 8:15, and I was able to eek out 15 more minutes of pillow time before I was forced out of bed and into the kitchen to make him breakfast.  My goal had been to pick up Mom at 9:30 and get to the pool a little after it opened, but it took me the whole hour to get everything together and everyone dressed.  And I didn't even shower or put on make up (because who does that before they hit the pool) or eat breakfast.  I did swing by a particular Sonic that was slightly out of the way to get Mom though, because this Sonic has large drinks for 99 cents before 10 a.m.  I was in dire need of a cranberry tea with two lemon slices in my hand at the pool. 

Anyway, we got there at ten till 10, and it's a good thing we got there later than I intended because the pool didn't open until 10.  Lesson learned!  We were the first ones there and Luke was only 1 of 3 kids playing in the water at 10:15.  Needless to say we had our pick of chairs (which is what I was aiming for anyway).  We needed a big spread because there were lots of friends joining us!  Shae and Brandy were there with their 4 boys combined, April brought her Dakota, Tamara showed up with Jadyn and Jordyn, and then the Anne came with her two kids.  I was glad that Mom came with me- Evan was hungry as soon as  we got there and she was able to get in the pool with Luke- and all the other girls were glad for an extra set of hands with all those kids.  She also not only brought her point-n-shoot, but she used it as well!

I let the little lady dabble her feet in the water while in the shade of my body.  She didn't fuss about it, so I'm gonna say she loved it!

Mikah was very interested in the baby.  Shae and I might have to bring this  picture up at their wedding in 30 years!  Just kidding.  Maybe.

About half way through our play time the littles got hungry so we spread out some towels and grubbed down.  Someone else got cozy and took a nap.

We got home about 1, then it was a quick bath for Luke and he was out for a nap.  I fed the girl, ate some lunch myself, then we took a quick shower before Taylor came over.  She got here at 2:45 for a newborn session!  Oh my word they are going to be so cute!  Once again I have no idea how I will pick which ones to frame.  Then it was off to Grandmother's for dinner and home to bed on time foe Luke.  My little boy was actually rubbing his eyes he was so tired!

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Lucy Marie said...

So glad you're enjoying your summer days. And um, you look HAWT in that swimsuit (hello TATAs).

Oh sheesh, I sure hope your mother doesn't read this.