Thursday, June 30, 2011

Luke's 3rd birthday

My biggest little love turned three today.  It seems like just yesterday the doctor place this in my arms

and I got to call him mine.  These three years have gone by so quickly and I am beyond thankful for them.  I have laughed with him, cried over him, worried about him, and bragged on him.  Being a mom to a little boy has been quite an adventure, and he truly steals my heart everyday.  Those eyelashes just crush me!

When he first came into my room this morning, I immediately started singing him happy birthday.  In the middle of the song he turned towards the front door and said "Where is de cake?  It's comin' through da door!"  Now, I'm not sure when a cake has ever come through the front door, but he sure thought it was.  So I went and fixed him breakfast- a cupcake and grapes.

It felt a little odd to be letting him have such a breakfast, but you only have a birthday once a year, right?  He blew (okay, spit) out his candle and really only ate the top half off- licked the icing and then nibbled on the cake part.  Not to long after that Mom came and got us for swim time!  The water park is closed on Thursdays, so we went over to Ashley's apartment and swam in her pool.

I do believe that fun was had by all.  After we were done with the heat we headed back up to Ashley's apartment where Luke had a requested lunch of corn dog and ketchup.  Then it was home to nap.  Blessed nap time.  Thankfully he slept until 4:30, which allowed me to get the presents wrapped and the house mostly picked up.  Not to mention a shower and lunch for me and my girl. 

At 6:00 we met the family at Schlotzsky's for dinner. 

Why there?  Because he picked (as I knew he would) cheese pizza for dinner, and that way he could have his pizza but everyone else didn't have to eat pizza if they didn't want to.  Dinner was had and it was time to move the party home for presents.  Mom and Dad left before the rest of us so they could get over to the house and set up Luke's present.  I, being the Momma that I am, finally indulged Luke in his seemingly one passion- driving over train tracks.  We hit three different track location on our extended trip home.  This also conveniently bought Mom and Dad more time to get set up.  Why did they need time?  Because they found an amazing deal on a train table, and I okayed it knowing the great joy it would bring my boy.  More on that in a minute.  We got home and he made a bee line for the table where he had seen his presents from after nap time.

It is so funny what a difference a year makes.  Last year he would barely open a present, and then wouldn't be able to move on from the toy, getting very upset when we tried to get him to open the next one.  This year it was all about ripping the paper- opening one and barely looking at the contents before moving on to the next one.  I did find a book at the bookstore that we had previously checked out from the library and he had been obsessed with....that one caught his attention.

When all the paper had been torn, we unveiled the show stopper- his new train table!  We saved it till the end because we just knew that he wouldn't want anything else after that.

And we were right.  It took quite a bit of convincing to stop and have cake, but we got him back to the table.  After singing again, and blowing out the candle again, we tried to let him lick the icing off the bottom of the candle. 

He bit it instead. 

I'd say my sweet boy had a pretty good birthday.  Rules were relaxed, sugar was consumed, perfect toys were given.  I'm so looking forward to all the years to come, all the joy to come, all the love to come.  I love you precious boy, you are my smile!


Lucy Marie said...

Happy Birthday Luke!! I'm glad you guys had a special day. But hold on - that pic of Luke and the girl in the black bikini? Is that you or Ashley? IF that is you, wearing a bikini less than ONE month post partum, we are no longer friends.

Haley said...

Oh that pic with him looking at you is precious. That's frameable! And I think Liam would love a train table SO MUCH. Luke is one lucky boy to have such a wonderful family.