Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy weekend

This weekend was one of the laziest I've had in a very long time.  Friday night I just hung out at home with the kids.  Tried to get Luke to watch a movie with me and failed.  Saturday morning Evan decided at 6ish that she was done sleeping for awhile, and Luke got up at 7.  Awesome.  But Dad came and got Luke at 9 to go play disc golf at the park, so once they left I got back in bed with my girl.  I managed to doze until 11:15.  What?!  I can't remember the last time I was in bed that long, not only because of  the little boy in my life that needs supervision,  but also because it's usually physically painful for me to lay in bed that long.  It was amazing.  I finally got out of bed and into the shower with Evan.

When Luke got home it was straight down for nap time, and I sat on the couch the whole time.  When he got up we got dressed, and eventually went to Carino's for dinner.  Yep.  I ventured out and took both kids out to eat.  It actually went really well!  Evan slept through the whole thing and Luke behaved himself.  There was a table of older ladies next to us, and of course they just made over my sweet baby.  And Luke, true to form, jump right in and tried to tell them all about "de twain twacks" that he "cwossed two times".  Lord have mercy that child will tell anyone and everyone who will listen about train tracks.  He'll even tell people that won't listen.

Sunday morning I got the kids up and out the door to church.  We were only 15 minutes late! (although, I was sweating profusely)  How sweet was Evan in her little dress?

It's one that a friend brought her when we were in the hospital, and I love it.  She still hasn't fattened out, so while in the picture the dress looks a little small, but really it's a newborn size and it fits perfectly.  Most 0-3 month sized clothes are still a little big in the arm or leg holes.  We went to lunch with Mom, Dad, and Ashley for Father's Day, and he chose O'Heada's, a very authentic Mexican food place here in town.  Luke had his very first enchilada, and he loved it!  I mean, it helps that it was a cheese enchilada drowned in queso, but hey- it wasn't pizza.  We came home for nap time, and for dinner we took Cody to Red Lobster.  It took FOREVER, which resulted in my first ever nursing session in the car.  Evan sure looked cute in her first pair of jeans though!  Excuse the poor phone photo. 

When Luke saw me getting her dressed and picture taken, he once again insisted on getting his picture too.

He was keeping himself occupied while I dealt with her. 

Today I got my floors and one bathroom cleaned, and tonight I attended Ashley's Stella and Dot jewelry party.  There was a lot of cute things, but I only picked up a pair of earrings.  Can't wait to get them in!  Evan went with me and of course she got passed all around, but seeing as she slept through it all I don't think she minded.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the little dress she was wearing.  Next time I put it on I will!

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