Monday, June 27, 2011

Time difference

I have found that things are now taking me even longer to accomplish now than it did before Evan was born.  She still sleeps all the time, so how is that so?  Case in point- I STILL haven't written my thank you notes to the sweet friends that brought us presents while I was in the hospital. 

The house was trashed from the weekend.  Bad.  And with this new change in how my time is spent, it took me the entire day to tidy it back up.  Entire.  Day.  I was hoping to get the floors and bathrooms all cleaned too, but by the time I got Luke in bed the only thing cleaned was his bathroom. 

And what were the kids doing while I was attempting to tidy?

She's got a hard life.  Sleep now, my dear, for one day you will be helping me.  :)

"Take a pit-ture off de twains Mom!"  So I did.  And you my son?  Enjoy your toys, because one day you too will be helping me out.  No boy of mine is going to move out of my house without knowing how to clean his bathroom and do his laundry. 

After a little while Evan woke up, so I thought a little tummy time might do her some good.  She had other ideas.

And today was the last day for Luke's speech therapist to come out.  It was so sad!  I really liked her, and it's going to be weird not having a weekly appointment anymore.  She even brought Luke a birthday present- a Chuggington train puzzle, a dog puzzle, and a Cars stamp set.  Does she know my boy or what? 

Later this afternoon Evan just wanted to be held and I was trying to get Luke's laundry put away.  I busted out the sling and strapped her to my chest, turned on the radio in Luke's room, and danced around while he chased the dog laughing hysterically.  The song "This is the good life" came on, and it was one of those awesome moments where you realize that it is the good life.  Listening to my big baby laughing so hard, feeling my little baby right on my heart.  So good.

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Lucy Marie said...

Don't even worry about if things are perfectly tidy or if it takes you a while ... you'll get in a new groove soon. And besides? The last paragraph, that says it all. These babies aren't going to grow up and remember that sometimes the floors didn't get swept and the bathrooms didn't get cleaned. They're going to grow up and remember that Momma dance around the house like a crazy person to make them laugh :)