Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yesterday's play and today's lazy

Yesterday morning I took the kids over to Shae's so Luke could play with Dakota and I could visit with my friend.  We had a great time and stayed until nap time.  For dinner I took my babies to Fuzzy's Tacos to meet back up with the Raymonds and the Sloans.  If you know us personally, then you know that was a lot of little boys.  We had two adjoining booths, and we stuck John and Joby (the husbands) with the three big boys- Luke, Dakota, and Zane.  They were a true circus to watch.  D is fully potty trained and Zane is in the process, so at one point they were showing off their awesome undies.  Another time they were having a tickle fight.  Yet another time they were turned around in the booth (they were all on the same side) and were talking to the couple behind them.  I'm not sure if Luke actually ate his dinner, but I do know he had fun.  Brandy, Shae and I got our own booth with the babies- Evan was down on the floor in her car seat while Mikah and Jack had high chairs on either side of the table. It's always a good time with the children outnumber the adults.  Afterwards we all headed to church, and after church the kids and I went with Mom and Dad to Rita's for ice cream.  What a great day, huh?

Today was a stay at home day.  The morning was slow and lazy.  For lunch Niki brought Schlotzsky's to eat and we were finally able to catch up.  Tonight was Dad's night to mow the lawn and a couple of ladies from my mentor group at church brought over some dinner.  Of course once Papa started mowing Luke wanted to be outside too.  Since he was just in his pull up, he went to get some clothes on and- I don't know why he does this- which consisted of a clean pair of shorts from his shorts drawer and a dirty shirt from the dirty clothes basket in the closet.  Tonight it was a pair of camo cargo shorts with the brown polo from yesterday.  He only needed minimal help on getting the shorts on, and no help getting his shirt on.  Granted, the shirt was inside out and backwards, but he managed to get his head and arms in all the right holes.  I considered it a win and let him run around the yard like that.  He even got one flip flop on all by himself but for some reason just couldn't get the other one on.

Watching him grow up has just been so fun.  I can understand about 90% of what he says, and I finally get to hear all the crazy things that go on in that little head.  He constantly tells me that "Jesus says 'go share da good news'." and "Momma happy?" or "Momma sad?" if I sniffle.   I just hug him and tell him I'm happy I'm with him or that I'm not sad, I just have a sniffly nose (this incredible wind has blown in or blown up some lovely allergens).  He has a bad habit of saying he wants one thing, and then when you get it for him he suddenly doesn't want it and melts down.  Not irritating at all.  He is still loving on his puppy.  Puppy went to the grocery store with us the other night.  Puppy went to Fuzzy's.  Puppy is still called "puppy".   I tried to get Luke to give him a new name like Mortin or David, but he insisted the stuffie was just Puppy.  And while he still wants to take Evan to the hospital on a daily basis, he tells her more often that she's a "sweet gurw".  He will help me burp her and say "scuse you Baby Evan!" when she does.  Ha!

And my girl?  Getting bigger every day.  She's definitely hit that first growth spurt, wanting to nurse all the time.  She also likes to be held.  A lot.  While it makes it hard to be productive, I don't really mind.  Seeing as she's it on the baby train I just try and absorb every moment and not forget a thing.  I love that she calms down the instant she feels my hands.  It cracks me up that when she sleeps and gets disturbed in the slightest, she makes this noise like a goat baa-ing.  Actually she makes noises a lot.  Girlfriend has a lot to say already.  She's already found her thumb.  I try to get the paci in before she does, but several times I've discovered that little appendage being sucked on. 

Oh, how I love being their mom.

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Anonymous said...

You are a good mama. I love reading about you and the kiddos. :) Sara