Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slow, busy weekend

Yeah.  I just had a whole thought process on bending vs. breaking and what "God won't give you more than you can handle" means. 

But I deleted it.

 I wasn't sure how people would take it and I wussed out. 

So now you just get boring pictures of the kids from the weekend.

 A few days ago I managed to squeeze a few of Evan's hair into her very first pony tail.

(excuse the blurriness.  It's hard to get a good picture with her still these days.)

Sure, it's on top of her head.  And not even half of her hair is in there.  She wasn't too happy about it, so I plopped her in the high chair and bribed her with food to let me fix it.

Much better.  How freaking cute is she?!

Friday night we had a game night over at the Raymond's in place of small groups this week.  The adults played Cranium and the kids just plain played.  Except for when they watched cartoons.

That's the four BFF boys there in the middle of the room- Jadyn, Zane, Dakota, and Luke.  Even Evan got in on the tv action, sitting her self in that little sofa/bed all by herself.  Also, do you see why why hang out at the Raymond's so much?  That is one. killer. play room. 

Saturday morning started out how it typically does.

Everyone congregated on Mom's bed.  Luckily that Saturday morning it was closer to 8 as opposed to 7, so I was thankful for that.  A little while later Dad came over to get Luke and to take him to the hardware store for a new faucet cover for their bathroom.  It turns out that Luke had a great time at Lowes looking at everything, and then they went to the train track, so that left me with most of my morning to get the house cleaned in peace (lovie girl takes a good morning nap).  After she woke up I was ready to vacuum, and since she freaks when I leave her in a room by herself, I did the only thing I could to vacuum Luke's room without her on the floor. 

He would flip if he knew she was not only on his bed, but looking at his beloved train books.  So shhh.  Don't tell him.  But she was happy as a clam up there, and I managed to get all of the rooms vacuumed without her even noticing I was gone.

Sunday morning Grandmother fainted at her church, so Mom and Dad had to leave at the beginning of service to go take care of her.  My friend Natalie was sitting right across the isle from us, so Luke went and sat with her and played on the iPad, leaving me with this girl.

We had the whole row to ourselves, so I totally let her roam for awhile.  Then I tried to take her out to get in a little nap, and she screamed bloody murder so loudly that Cindy came out to see what was going on.  I was so frustrated I cried, and of course as soon as I handed her over, Evan looked up at her like "Oh!  Ms. Cindy! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" and was out.  *sigh* Thank you child.  I love you too.   

All weekend Luke had been begging me to go to the park.  Since we didn't have small groups Sunday night, I finally consented.  Threw some pb&j's in the diaper bag and headed out out to Kid's Kastle.  There is a train track that runs right next to it, so Luke was in hog heaven.

Sweet sweet family times.

Evan's 12 month well check was on Monday night!  24 lbs 9 oz (90%) and 30 inches long (75%).  She's still healthy as ever.  Did well with her shots, although with the finger prick she woulnd't stop bleeding.  Bled through the bandaid while she got the two leg shots.  They had to tape up two fingers so she wouldn't pull off the bandaid and she was PISSED.  Started sweating she was so mad.  And Luke didn't like that she was crying either.  "Hey! Just weave my sistur awone.  She doesn't like that."  His big brother protective side came out.  :)  Makes a momma happy.

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