Monday, June 25, 2012

First tee ball game

So quite a bit has happened in the last week.  Thursday night was Luke's first tee ball practice.  It went MUCH better than his first soccer game.  He only layed down once.  The fact that he's the youngest on his team only showed a couple times...the place we practiced was right next to a play ground and twice he had to be bribed with practicing just a little bit longer with breaks to go slide. 

Friday night I was able to go to a baseball game last minute with work to help make sure some clients using the suite were taken care of.  It was fun, but good gracious it was hot.  Thank goodness the suites have good air conditioners. It was a great kick off for my baseball weekend.  After Thursday's practice, Friday's game, it was finally time for Luke's game.  And while it also went MUCH better than soccer did, I still managed to laugh until I cried. 

Mostly at this.  It was his very first time to bat in the game.

The child is very enthusiastic to get his hands on the ball.  And by hands, I mean both hands.  He does not like to wear/use his glove.  When he was on third base ready to run home, he did the same thing.  First he was sitting on the base until Dad picked him up and made him stand (most of the dads were out there with their kid on each base, instructing them on what to do next.  Thankfully Dad stepped up and was out there with Luke).  When the kid at bat hit the ball Luke the ball at the pitchers mound.  Finally he realized what he was supposed to do and walked, refused to run, to home base as Dad was trying so hard to get him to hustle.  Oh my boy. 

We are on a team with all of Luke's best friends, and John (Zane's dad) ended up getting a few pictures of Luke, which was perfect because I was too busy cheering and trying to video to remember to get some stills.  Out in the outfield anxious to be the first to the ball....

only to get frustrated when he wasn't.

We talked about how it's okay to not be the one to always get the ball, to let your friends have a turn with it.  But he's three.  It's not going to sink in for awhile. 

This was his second time at bat.... Joby was so patient (and later he said when Luke walked up to the tee, he picked up the ball and stared down into the stand asking "So how does this work?"  Joby just had to tell him "Not now Engineer, it's time to hit the ball."  That kid.  How his mind works kills me.)

This picture makes me so happy.  I'm so blessed that there are men in Luke's life that are willing to step up and show him the ropes, take the time, and invest in his life.  Makes me teary just thinking about it.

But before he let him hit it again, Joby made sure that Luke remembered to run to the BASE, not after the ball.

He was so proud of himself, and had the best time.  Meanwhile, Sister Friend and I just tried to keep our cool in the blazing heat and humidity. 

After the game we went to breakfast with the family and then home for a quiet afternoon.  Saturday night we were scheduled to take some pictures with Jenn.

Those are only two of the five she's previewed on Facebook, I can't WAIT to see the rest of them! Love. Love. Love.

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