Saturday, June 30, 2012

4 years old


My precious boy, you turned 4 years old today.  I can't believe this baby

 (very first night at home-3 days old)

Has grown into such a big boy.

 (photo by Apple Jack Photography)

When you crawled in bed with me at 6:30 this morning (a fact I am tucking away to use in a few years when I'm trying to drag your butt outta bed to get to school) the first thing I did was sing you Happy Birthday as we cuddled.  You patted my arm and told me "That was nice.  So how was your day?"  I laughed.  That is you to a tee.  Thoughtful and a little prone to asking out the blue questions that aren't quite appropriate for the situation.  I asked you if you felt any different today, now that you were the big number 4 instead of just 3 and you said "No. Not really." 

I think you had a great birthday.  It started with a 9:00 tee ball game.

You had a couple of good hits

A couple of rather slow walks from base to base

 (yes, you had your helmet on like that on purpose, goofy boy)
And a sweet time with your sister instead of playing outfield. 

 We cheered lots for you.

That game was hard work

 I volunteered to bring the snacks today so that you could pick a snack for your special day.  We brought doughnuts.  Right afterwards we hit the pool for your birthday party.  LUCKILY your best friends that you wanted to invite all happen to be on your team.  There was pizza and cake and 3 of your 4 good buddies (Zane was out of town).

(Also, you insisted on leaving your floaties on while you ate)
Sadly I only got one picture with you, you were a busy busy boy.

For dinner you picked pancakes with sausage, and instead of going to the park (it's way too hot, 100+ temps have been here to stay) we went for frozen yogurt instead.  Nana and Papa got you your first bike today, so while I gave Evan a bath they (and Aunt Ashley) tried to show you how to work it.  Turns out the bell on the handle bar is way more exciting. Maybe next time. 

You are such a smart boy, always taking in information and processing it in ways that surprises me daily.  You know all of your letters and their sounds, and are very interested in what words start with.  In the next few weeks I need to get serious about teaching you pre reading skills and I have no doubt you could be reading before kindergarten.  You are so mechanically minded, you are totally content to sit and watch how things work- from the rollers on the garage door to the motion of the trash can lid going up and down- and I'm waiting for the day when your little fingers take then next step and start breaking down items to put back together and figure out more how they work.

Son, I hope you know how much you are loved.  There are so many people cheering you on in this world, eager to help you find your way in this big wide world and guide you through all the tough patches that are ahead.  I pray you will search and find your Father and Redeemer, that you will learn sooner rather than later that He is the only way to a fulfilled life. I know that you are only 4 today, but these years have flown by so quickly that it scares me for what is coming. I love you more than you could ever imagine and I'm so thankful that I get to be your momma.  I get to be the one who witnesses up close and personal how your life unfolds.  Remember what I tell you every day- I love you no matter what.  No matter what you do, how much I fuss, or the choices that you make, it won't change. 

P.S. On a totally unrelated note- this girl? Wore a size 2T swim suit today.  Sheesh.


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Lucy Marie said...

Happy 4th birthday Luke! I am so glad to see you all had a great day.

P.S. I hate you ... bikini hotty.