Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Evan's first party

I know it's taken me a million years to post today's and yesterday's updates, but I had a pretty good reason.  I finally decided the previous weekend what I wanted to do for Evan's birthday on Friday. Nothing like coming down to the wire. 

I know, for Luke's first birthday I had a big party with lots of friends, hand made 20+ invitations, and was ready to go weeks in advance. But I was also a stay at home mom with my first kid and a husband, so he had a little bit of an advantage. 

It took me forever to figure out what kind of party I even wanted for her to have.  Not having a ton of money to spend on it, I ended up using the theme of her bedroom as the theme for the party- that way I already had some decorations and any new decorations would coordinate. I also wanted to do it Friday after work (I realize I was crazy, I did work a full day that day too) because Friday was her actual birthday, so I spent the entire week leading up to the party getting ready for it.

It was just an easy, fun get together with hot dogs and cake.  The wooden window frame is one that I got from my grandfather's work shed last summer, and I finally decided what to do with it after I saw this pinterest inspiration.  Eventually when she gets the twin bed that Luke is sleeping on it will serve as the "headboard".

I made the topper for the cake out of scraps of coordinating fabric, it's currently draped across the upper left corner of the frame where the "e" is.

This frame (and the other one under the coffee table was pulled from her room.  It's one that my friend John took of us candidly when they came to visit us in the hospital the day she was born.  I love it so much, it makes me want to squeeze her and never let go.

The letters from over her crib.
M&M's with her name printed on them! (plus "happy birthday" and "first birthday")
"Hey look, it's me!" The mat I had all the guests sign.
(oh, and I did make her an outfit to match the decor. because I'm me.)

Me and my big birthday girl.
The kids that attended.  Besides family, I invited the kids from her bible class, which is Mikah (next to Luke in the green), Jordyn (the only other girl), Jack (only kid not in the picture), and Ryan (but Sara got sick the day before so they couldn't come).  It JUST so happens that the big brothers of Mikah, Jordyn, and Jack are Dakota, Jadyn, and Zane (respectively).  You know, Luke's very best friends.  And the parents of all these children are some of MY very best friends.  The ones who have supported me this past year.  Funny how that works out.
Cake time!  The brothers know what's about to go down.

For as much as this girl eats, I was a little shocked that she didn't tear right into it.

The cake was purple! Luke has always said he wants a blue cake for his birthday, so I thought I'd practice.  The layers didn't come out very even, and the color didn't graduate quite like I wanted, but it still tasted good.

And finally it was present time.  Girlfriend got the hookup too.  Great Grandmother got her first pearl jewelry- a necklace and a pair of studs (it's our birthstone, after all!) and Nana got her a James Avery heart necklace, cuff bracelet, and the ear piercing was from them too.  Not quite as practical as the car seat she needs, but I'm so glad my girl is off to a good start.  She IS my daughter after all.  She can't be digging in my jewelry box forever, Sister Friend needs her own!


Lucy Marie said...

It looks like a great party. You are so creative and crafty ... to me, it looks like you spent months and months on the decorations and details!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a more perfect party come together in just a week! You are one organized little momma! It was awesome!
~Luke and Evan's nana~