Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo dump and tweets

First of all, I need to give a shout out to my Momma.  She's on summer break now, but she's decided to use two of her precious days a week to watch the kids.  Which means that I don't have to do a thing for them Thursday mornings or Friday mornings (I know I'm used to this on Monday morning when Cody's mom comes to get them, but two more days? Heaven).  Or make their lunches the previous nights (once I got them in bed last night I laid down to watch the Stanley Cup finals and didn't go back in the kitchen once!).  She even lets me leave little things for her to do durning the day.  WHAT?!  I don't know what I'm going to do when she has to go back to school.  This was the reason I could have a birthday party Friday night 45 minutes after I got home from work- she had used her very first day of summer to come stay with the kids and finish up anything I hadn't gotten done. 

And now, since you already know how I've spent the last week planning and implementing a party and I've done nothing worth noting so far this week, I'll leave you with a random photo dump and some of my tweets.  Actually, some of the photos might coorspond with the tweets, some may not.  Good luck figuring out which is which.

-Kid checking me out just held up my ginger root and asked me if I knew what it was. No kid. I'm buying a random item from the surprise tub.

-Luke's higher counting consists of alternating between 29 & 26 a whole bunch before ending with "twenty ten". Ex- 26 29 26 29 26 29 26 20 10

-A boy on a motorcycle on my way to work this morning had his tupperware of leftovers straped down. No bag, no nothing. He's having corn.

-Hello three flights of stairs. Oh wait. I parked on two.

This week Cindy to my kids and her big kids (HS and college age) to the zoo on Tueday and to the train station and botanical gardens on Wednesday. Best. Baby sitter. Ever.

-I frequently feel like I've lived my entire day between the hours of 6 and 8 AM.

-OMG A BIRD JUST FLEW IN THROUGH MY SUNROOF. Not really. That'd be a cool story though.

-Just realizing it's been YEARS since I've worn a halter top. Do people still wear those?

-Hi. My name is Lindsey and I'm a paper towel addict.

-I currently have three bags of BBQ Baked Lays open, in my possession. I love them.

-So I video the train crossing when I get stopped at the crossing. Back off with the looks, man next to me. I'm just being a good mom.

First time to church...
first time as a one year old to church.  Excuse her black eye.  She and Luke's dresser didn't get along that morning.

-I would like to pretend that it wasn't Ladies Day at the car wash and the dude gave me $5 off just because he thought I was cute, mkay?

-Just remembered in college I picked yip a little girl from school, took her home, then cleaned the log cabin her family lived in.

-How did I get that job? How long did I do it for? What were they doing in a freaking log cabin? What was I thinking? #oddcollegejob

-This morning Luke was watching Babar for 20 minutes before I realized it was in Spanish. #mybad #nocablesucks

Watching Stanley Cup finals while drinking "tea" from Evan's new tea set. (present from Aunt Ashley)

-According to Luke, if you don't have bones your arm will squish down. If you do have bones, you arm won't squish down. He's glad for bones.

-Omg, the big one was just lapping spilled juice off the table like he was a puppy dog. O.o

-"I'm being careful Mom!" called from another room is very rarely a good thing.

-Just realized I had spaghetti for lunch and my white tee shirt is stain free. #winning

-SOMEBODY dressed himself today. And to think I used to judge mothers of children like that. Whoops.

-Heard an odd noise coming from somewhere in the house. I hate living alone. Who wants to take karate with me?...

-Then I thought someone had changed my phone settings to make my phone flash when getting an alert. After being confused from no message....

-I realized that the noise was thunder and the flash was lightening. Oi. Vey.

  Posted on her birthday- two days old vs. a week from being one

-You know what's really awkward? Standing smack in the middle of the elevator and not budging when someone else gets on.

-Talking in a British falsetto voice. Totally got the 3 year old to do it too.

-Just found antibiotic ointment in my medicine chest that expired in 2003. #mybad


Luke got a little aggressive when upset with Evan and hit her.  :( Had to take the train table away for awhile.

-Just face timed with my vacationing sister. More accurately, @AshelyELittle just witnessed the circus that is my evenings. Kids. Be. Crazy.

-Older lady just asked me how to pick a good avocado. Feel like a legitimate adult.

-On her maiden voyage and she's waving and blowing kisses like she's the queen of the parade. #loveher

-I made his hair stand on end. When he saw it he said "Now that is why we comb our hair!" Then he made me fix it.


Lucy Marie said...

Love this. The tupperware strapped to the motorcycle is probably my favv.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet shout out! :) I can't wait to spend some time with these little angels!
~Luke and Evan's nana~