Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer fun

You know it's been too long when your mother asks you if you've given up writing. 

I didn't give up writing.  I didn't even forget.  I just got lazy.

 But I'm here.  And I've survived the last couple of weeks.  I guess I should say lazy in writing over the last couple of weeks.  Because those two childrens up there do not allow for a lazy life.  At. All.  Those pictures were one day when I came home from work and we got a little silly with my phone. 

Last Monday something really exciting happened.  For us.  Not for our neighbors.  I was getting Evan in the bath when Dad came in (he was over and about to start mowing), asking me about fire extinguishers.  I looked at him suspiciously and asked why.  BECAUSE THE NEIGHBORS HOUSE WAS ON FIRE, THATS WHY.  Like, for real life on fire.

There were 7 fire trucks that zoomed in front of my house within two minutes, along with multiple ambulances, police officers, and fire chiefs.  Luke was beside himself with excitement.  I got Evan out of the tub and we stood there for a few minutes watching all the action until I realized how smokey it was for her and I made her wait inside.

She wasn't thrilled with it. I can just hear the whine coming from that face.

One day while Mom was watching the kids, Luke convinced her to let him try out his bike some more.  Don't ask me why he's wearing long sleeves in 100+ degrees.  Kids has a mind of his own. 

Mom sent me the picture and said it lasted all of 3 minutes.  He just can't get the peddle thing down and is over it.  But of course Sister wants to do what Bubba is doing.

Mom said that she will probably learn to ride a bike before he does. 

Let's see...what else.....what else....

Tee ball has come to an end.  Luke did so much better than I expected.  I am so proud of him! His last game was on Saturday and every time he went up to bat he hit the ball on the first time.  Although, he got into this funny habit where he would "dive" for the ball all dramatically when playing outfield- way after someone had picked it up- and would lay there until one of the dads came over and patted him on the back.  Then he would just go back to playing like nothing had ever happened.  So not only do we get our Saturday mornings back, but we get our Thursday nights as well.  Although, I know two little people that have enjoyed the playground after practice each week.

She climbed up there all by herself!  SUCH a different kid than Luke.

Speaking of that boy, he's really enjoyed using my phone to take pictures.  I'm talking close to 200 pictures that I've deleted over the last few days. Sometimes he gets good ones....

Every now and then he gets himself....

But mostly he takes pictures of giant unrecognizable blurs.  Which is odd because one of the few things my house is lacking is blurs.

We've also gone to the pool a bunch.

Luke has learned how to float on his back.  Evan has learned that I keep 4 spare paci's in the diaper bag.  But that girl loves the water.  She is FEARLESS.  She thinks it's high-larious to stumble around the baby pool and dive face first into the water.

And I've done okay too.  Thursday was my ninth and last anniversary. It made me wonder how I'll deal with August 2nd from now on. Evan got a virus for a few days, which happen to coincide with Mom, Dad, AND Ashley being out of town.  Luckily, God proved true when He chose my friends.  I got an email from a good one saying if I needed anything to let her know (and she didn't even know about my family).

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