Monday, August 25, 2014

Ten months

Elyse, you are 10 months old! It just cracks me up how much personality you shine with each day. You are the utter joy of your dad, your brother, you sister, your grandparents, and of course ME! I love that you have become quite the momma's girl. Never have I had a child brought to tears when I drop them off at church, but you my darling, cry big crocodile ones. Forget about trying to clean up the table when we go out to eat. I stand up to throw away all the trash and you let the ENTIRE restaurant know that your momma is walking away and you aren't going to have it.

But look at this face.

It's so pretty it hurts my heart. That picture was taken at VBS this year. You were my helper! I volunteered in the kitchen this year so that I could keep you with me.  We had so much fun! Tamara volunteered in the kitchen so she could keep Jace with her too, and had brought this walker up for him. He wanted nothing to do with the walker, but you loved it! You puttered yourself around here and there, and she let us bring it home with us since you have no interest in crawling. Jace is now walking. Kate has been crawling for awhile. But you my dear? You are perfectly content with having everyone come to YOU. If you really want to get some where, you've figured out you can just push yourself around while sitting up. It may take awhile, but you get there eventually.  Eeeeeeevery now and then you'll try to pull up. One of the first places was Target. I'm trying not to over think the significance in that.

What you are good at is EATING. You loooove to eat. You've gotten good with your cup.

Momma's gotten brave at letting you handle bigger pieces of food. 

You've even figured out where half of your meal goes after the tray is clean.

Some other random things: you have the funniest little giggle that you do allll the time. You love your middle finger. It's weird, I know. But anything you do with your fingers, you always lead with the middle one. You are getting closer to sleeping through the night. It's about half and half now on whether you wake up at 2:30 or just wait till 5:30. You don't sleep in the cradle at all any more. In fact, I need to take it down, but that hurts my momma heart to know I don't need it anymore.

Oh Leesee Ann, I love you. With your big blue eyes, quick giggle, and the bashful way you bury your head in my neck when someone talks to you, my heart just goes wild. Thank you, little girl, for being MY little girl.

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