Thursday, November 21, 2013

Evan is 2 and a photo dump

Just a warning, the pictures will not match up with the text. I've got a serious amount of pictures built up on my phone and I've picked about 20 to blow you up with. Don't worry. I'll spread them out between two days. :)

The big thing around our house these days, besides me dreadfully counting down the days till I return to work and making sure my littlest girl is growing, is potty training. Oh dear lord. I don't know anything, I mean ANYTHING, that is quite the beating that is potty training. Evan hasn't gotten down the concept of informing me when she needs to go, so it's hit and miss with me making her sit there. She'll do great all day, and then have three accidents in a row in the evening. At this point, I think the only room she HASN'T peed in is my room.

Crap. Did I just jinx it?

Babies need babies too. (evan was here)

Luke was so easy to potty train. He was 3, and not once did he have an accident. Not even in bed. If I could throw in the towel with Evan and try again later I would in a heart beat. But we are kind at a point of no return. I feel so bad for Cindy in two weeks when I'm back at work and she's stuck trying to remember to take her every 45 minutes or so, and trying to decide if a trip out of the house warrents a pull-up or willing to take the risk in actual panties.

(the hand up. it kills me)

Ug. Did I mention it's a beating?

Oh boy. This guy was channeling his inner old man. And then a few days later he told me he wanted to have lunch at the sandwich shop. He went from 5 to 90 so fast.

This, on top of her very obvious selective hearing. I know she's 2. I know this comes with the territory. But it still drives me absolutely insane the way I say her name fifty million times nicely and she finally looks at me when I get ugly about it. And don't even get me started on her lack of desire to follow directions. Just tonight she was told 4 times to NOT TURN ON YOU LAMP after I put her to bed, only to finally have the plug pulled. So she got the stairs that are used to climb into her bed, moved them to the light switch, and was turning the light on (all to read books). After being told twice to not do that anymore, I finally took the stairs away. Which lead to 20 minutes of her screaming at me from her bed about her lamp not working and her stairs being gone and "I'M SOWWEEE MOMMA!"

Having a sweet moment, I caught Evan "reading" to Elyse.

Can you tell 2 hasn't been my favorite so far? I look at my tiny sleeping baby and just think "She used to be just like this." Alas. Not anymore.

Girl's story time!

Now don't get me wrong. It's not all terrible. She loves to love on her sister (until I have to pull her off because she isn't listening to me ask her to be gentle). She loves to play babies and is the sweetest momma. She's curious to a fault. ("Hey baby, can you move out of the way please?" "Why move out of de way?") ("Evan can you please take this to your room?" "Why take a dis to my rune?") ("I need for you to stop screaming." "Why stop scweaming?") She still wants to rock with me every night, even when I've spent most of the day fussing at her. My poor girl. Two is a hard place to be! And this momma needs prayers for patience. I don't want to be the reason her sweet heart gets calloused.

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