Friday, November 29, 2013

Second part of the last photo dump

I've actually had these pictures sitting in a draft ever since I wrote last weeks post, I uploaded all the pictures the same day. It's taken me until now to finally sit down and type a few words about them. Does that tell you how crazy life is around here?!  And I didn't mean to leave a whiney post about Evan like that. It had been a hard day and probably not the best time to write something. For all the grey hairs she gives me, she does make me laugh. The way she responds to things is so funny. When you answer one of her questions so goes "OooooOOOOooohhhh." or "Das so funny!" Dare I say potty training has even gotten slightly better? Maybe it's because I have learning the beauty of plastic panties over regular ones. They may look like a shower cap on her butt, but they do contain messes!

I can not stop buying them matching clothes.

I wish you could see Elyse a little better, because this is probably my new favorite picture of my three babies.

Gangsta baby: Say what?!

Not only can I not stop with the matching, but I have shocked myself with the darling cheetah print. This was at church one morning. Yes they are identical, and yes I tried to get a picture of them together but Evan wasn't smiling in any. I figured separate pictures pieced together was just as good.

If they aren't matching exactly, they at least coordinate.  

Elyse is becoming slightly spoiled. As she wakes up a little bit more, she doesn't particularly like to be put down and really wants to be held. A lot. Sometimes (like this night) the only way she isn't constantly fussing and I can still get things done is to wear her.

This was Tuesday night at Target while the big kids had their daddy night with their dad. She looked so perfect and pretty and little and precious, I just knew I had to commit the picture to memory for those days in the future when she's two. Acting two.

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