Friday, May 2, 2014

For Mom's with boys

 Moms. If you have a son, you need to get him this bible immediately.

My sister bought this for Luke for his birthday last year (on the recommendation from her close friend who has 4 boys. Yes. FOUR. I believe qualifies her to know what she is talking about), and he cannot get enough of it. We read it every night and are almost all the way through the Old Testament. He LOVES it and has started trying to read along with me. I frequently find him flipping through the pictures. It's written in "comic book" format which helps to engage his imagination.

 And can I just tell you something? I've loved it too. Sometimes even as a 30 year old I need pictures to help bring the story home. To see emotion. To see reverence. To see fear. When you hear the same stories for decades it's easy to forget how special they are. But Elijah was swept up to heaven. And Elisha saw it. Bones grew flesh. Enemies were real and were fierce. I'm so guilty of skipping over the Old Testament because it's "boring". There are names you can't pronounce, long lists of rules that are veeeeeery specific, and mundane details of building plans. I forget that there is true action in there. True heroes. I forgot how much I love Daniel. He's probably my favorite character in the bible. (besides Jesus, of course.)

So there's my PSA for the decade! I just wanted to share something that my family has loved and I hope your family can love too!

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