Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bad pictures and a haircut

I have an Easter post started, but I haven't uploaded any of the pictures off of my big camera onto the computer yet. So I'll just tease you with this back-of-the-camera shot:

 Unfortunately that picture just about sums up our picture taking experience these days. Elyse is all over the place. Evan has decided that folded hands by her face is her new "pose". Luke says outside is too bright and he can't smile. If you need further proof that a picture of all three looking decent is impossible, let me leave you with this gem.

That was from the Saturday before Easter. Mom and Dad and I tried to get the kids to take a nice, classic bluebonnets picture. It's amazing I didn't pop an artie and die right on the spot. But looking at this picture makes me laugh every time. Oh lordie, those kids.

A much better way to get all three kids in a picture? Let one be asleep, one be on his bike, and one running behind the bike rider.

Hope you weren't expecting to see any bright eyes and sweet smiles!  Just kidding. One evening Luke begged me to let us go on another walk. My first instinct was to say no. My feet hurt from wearing heels to work that day, I needed to get dinner started, and I just plain didn't wanna. But then the unselfish part of me remembered that in a few weeks it will be way too hot to go for a walk, in a few years they won't wanna go for a walk, and then I will die a lonely old woman. So for a walk we went. And I'm so glad we did. Life has been good lately! Evan got her first hair cut yesterday! I met Mom after work and Evan was so excited she made up songs about getting haircuts and being beautiful for 45 minutes.

I figured almost three years was a really good run. Her little haircut is so cute. It's not super noticeable, but the girl trimmed at least an inch off, evening it all up, and gave her some long layers. It will help balance out the crazy when we go out in public like this:

 Yep. I actually went to the store like this. Pink leggings, fuzzy boots, long sweat shirt. And I let Evan go in her dress up dress, flip flops, and sunglasses. And how in the world can life be anything BUT good when this little face is around.

She's started waking up before me on Saturday mornings. Normally my back is to her, so suddenly I'll feel little fingers on my spin and wrapped up in my hair. Once I get myself untangled from her firm grip, I roll over and this is what I see:

Perfect start to my day. Every time.

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