Monday, April 14, 2014


Remember that one time 10 days ago I said I had a ton of pictures to throw up on here? Well you are in luck! Today is the day! And you're also lucky because I've whittled it down, been much more picky than normal, and didn't put every. single. one. I wanted to up. Basically all the adorable sleeping baby pictures that I have will stay on my phone until I transfer them to my external hard drive. Which needs to be soon because I'm already out of storage again. I think this is the third time since Elyse has been born.

But in my defense, I've been trying to get better about taking videos and those take up a LOT of room.

Small group one night. Elyse and Jace where having a nice conversation with Josh.

 My handsome boy and his poor arm. This was right after he broke it. Next week he goes back to the dr to see how/if it's healed!

Ready for some outrageously cute matchy matchy sisters?!

For real y'all. I can't stop the matching. Yesterday Mom and I went to Once Upon A Child and I managed to find a dress in EVAN'S size that is the same as a dress she already had and ELYSE can wear this summer. Oh my goodness, it's like it was their destiny to match.

To be fair, matching sisters is just a thing we do in my family.
As is Saturday night rollers. Evan got inducted to the club this past Saturday night. Out of the eight in her hair, one somehow got torn in half, three were loose in her bed, and four stayed haphazardly attached. And yes, you may laugh at my closed eyes.

I seem to be way more in to the bubble gum necklaces than Evan is (I think they are just too heavy and bother her), but that doesn't stop me. I tried my hand at making one myself! 

"I weady fo chuch Momma!" Oh, yes. she. did.

We didn't have life group on Friday night, so I took the childrens out for a walk.

On the aforementioned trip to Once Upon a Child, I found the most ridiculously sized bow I have ever seen in my life. I stuck the tag in El's headband and it was literally bigger than her face.
 One last one of my handsome dude. This was at his friend's birthday party two Saturday's ago. (This past Saturday was the Bunny Breakfast, but all that will get lumped in with Easter). Love him!

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