Monday, April 21, 2014

Six months

My beautiful girl. You are now six. months. old. Half a year. As much as this saddens me, that my brand new newborn days are long gone, I sure do love this baby that is currently sitting in my lap and trying so hard to bang on the keyboard while I type this. I don't really mind though. You are completely lovely and happy and wonderful.

So what have you been up to this month? Well, you still aren't sleeping through the night. You still get up once or twice a night, but part of that has been from ear infections. Yep, this month you got your first ear infection. First in the left, then in the right. It's made sleeping difficult, and one night I even resorted to putting in my sweater I'd been wearing to help comfort you. 

You are almost sitting up by yourself (you can for several seconds before toppling over) and two days before your 6 months birthday (last Saturday) I finally started you on solids. Avocado!

It's been a wild success, and next I plan to bake some sweet potatoes for you to try next.(yes, I'm going to try and make as much of you baby food as I can. I like trying new things with each new baby!)

This month you also started going to bible class. I've been teaching this quarter in your class on Wednesday nights, but generally you've been asleep on my shoulder through most of class. Last few weeks you've woken up to join the party! And you've even sat up long enough to play with your friends! (I've also just started leaving you for bible class on Sunday mornings too. Mrs. Deeann was just THRILLED to finally get her hands on you! But *sniff sniff* Momma was sad you are getting to big and busy to come with me to bible class)

I don't know what your length and weight is officially, your well check isn't until May 5th, but you are wearing a size 6 month in clothes and size 2 in diaper. We nurse all the time still, and your sleeping schedule isn't typical- instead of a morning and afternoon nap, you take a reeeeeeeeally long one right in the middle of the day.

But, I don't really care about your wonky nap schedule. I don't really care that I still get up with you at night. I don't care that you spit your medicine back in my face and that you had a poop explosion so spectacular last week that I couldn't tell which end it came out of. I just love you. It's a little amazing that you still have a face after all the kisses I have given you. Such a happy girl. Such a sweet baby. And you are mine.

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