Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eight Months

 Leesie Ann, you are 8 months old! What a change you've gone through over the last few weeks, mostly in the vocal area (a loud vocal area. Girlfriend. You are LOUD.) You've developed a growl to let people know you are not happy! You lock out your knees and elbows, clench your fists, and screw up you face while you make this screechy growl noise to let me know you are NOT thrilled about something. Could be hunger, could be being set down, could be the sibling mere inches from your face and you JUST. NEED. SPACE. It makes me laugh every time though, you feisty little thing. You also talk non stop. Mostly "bababa" and "dadadada" and "bubububu". We were at Nana and Papa's the other day and you were distinctly saying "baa baa" while waving at us. But I'm NOT counting bye bye as your first words because it's not Momma. Whenever you say maa maa, THEN you will have your first words. Mkay?

You still love baths, you still love playing,  and you LOVE other babies. You get all squeely and engaged when you see another baby around. You still aren't crawling, but you've kinda figured out that you can scoot around some while sitting up by doing this bouncing thing (moves you forward) or pushing out your legs to go backwards. You HATE laying on your tummy, so I'm not sure if you will ever crawl. Food is hit or miss, sometimes you love to eat and sometimes you just that aren't into it. I've still made all of your food. Nursing you is like nursing a wild cat. You are constantly stopping to look around, flexing your nails into my skin, and flailing about. It's......pleasant. But I'm not ready to stop yet!

Sleep is hit or miss. Sometimes you sleep semi well- don't cry that much at night and only wake up once during the night, while other times it's pretty bad. I'm talking crying for a couple of hours in the evening and then waking up twice or so during the night. I was doing good at just giving you a paci at 3 am, but lately I've been tired that I forget and just bring you to bed and feed you. We'll get back on track one of these days! You can't sleep in that cradle forever!

Elyse, I love you so much. Squishing my cheek into your cheek is one of my favorite things to do. (even when you are pushing me away because I'm smothering you. Ha!) Making you laugh and rocking you are probably among my other top favorites. I'm so so so very glad you are my baby.

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