Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Three Years Old

Sunday, my biggest little girl, you turned THREE. YEARS. OLD. Oh my goodness. You have been talking about your birthday for months on end, so I knew it had to be everything that you wanted it to be. Your specific requests? "I want my bufday to be pink wif fowers on it." I'm not sure what "pink with flowers on it" meant exactly, but let me tell you I rolled out as much pink as I could.

The cupcakes had flowers on them...hope that's what you had in mind!

We had your family party with my side of the family Saturday night, since Sunday morning was church, and by the time we got home from lunch and you up from a nap, and you would be picked up by your dad for the evening. I asked you what you wanted your special birthday dinner to be, that we could go wherever you wanted, and you said you wanted chicken nuggets and pizza and to watch a movie. So doll face, that's what we did.
watching Frozen in your castle with pizza and chicken nuggets

First we opened presents, because I knew you were getting Frozen and would want to watch it. Then we had pizza and chicken nuggets while we watched the first part, paused it for cupcakes and a bike ride, then came back to finish it. You had the best time.

kicking off birthday weekend with frozen yogurt

What have you been up to this last year? Lord have mercy, I swear you have been up to EVERYTHING. You are my loves-life-exuberantly child. I can not recall a day you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. While the whining and crying are a bit excessive at times, your general disposition is happy innocence. I love it.  I wish I could bottle it up (because I know in about 10 years I'm going to want to force feed it back to you).

I love your kindness. I love your curiosity. I love listening to the way your mind works. I even kind of love watching you figure out how to pester your brother. It's such a right-of-passage for being the little sister. You love your brother dearly and 60% of the time the two of you are best friends. Lets not discuss the other 40% at this moment.

You love your sister and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to begin to really interact with her. I can just see how you are going to lead that sister of yours into all kinds of mischief.

You love all things pink and you can not get enough of dress up. Skirts are by far your favorite thing to wear (next to your birthday suit), and I've seen you be the best little momma to your babies. You have more personality than you know what to do with and you've never met a stranger.

I potty trained you this year, and that did NOT go over very well. I was seriously afraid that our relationship would be forever damaged. Thankfully you and I are okay and we haven't looked back since.  You are wearing size 5T clothes, size 4/5 undies, and a size 9 1/2 shoe. At approximately 45 lbs, you aren't a slight little thing. You LOVE to eat and very rarely refuse to eat something on your own accord (now if you see your brother refusing it, that's a different story). Every now and then you refuse to eat the funniest things. You LOVE edameame, but when I brought home chocolate croissants one day, you would have nothing to do with it. Chocolate! Croissants! Come on, man!

Evan, I hope you know how much I love you. I can't believe you are already three years old (although, you've been telling people you are three for months now. And on Sunday when I asked you how old you were, excited that you could finally say three and it be true, you said you were FOUR. Stinker!) but it breaks my heart that my baby is getting so big. While most of the time I have not a clue what to do with you, I'm certain I don't have a clue what do to without you. 

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